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Welcome to the October 2018 edition of the Newsletter!

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October already! How quickly this year is flying by. This edition has some recipe ideas to get you prepared for term 4. I have found some great new recipes from mainstream blogs that are suitable for failsafe or require leaving out one or two ingredients. These recipes feature chickpeas in very unique ways. Always exciting to add some new recipes into our repertoire. I hope you enjoy trying them.

Mental health is talked about more and more on TV, on social media and with celebrities beginning to talk about their experiences. Sadly it reaches and touches the lives of far too many and doesn't discriminate. October is Mental Health awareness month and the 10th October is World Mental Health Day and 11th October is Headspace Day. This is the topic covered below 'in the spotlight'. Fed up has a few fact-sheets on the topic and I have included lots more info on the special events like 'Odd Sock Day' on the 5th October.

Most people, including health professionals would dismiss the notion of food causing mental health problems. But witnessing first hand how food can change behaviour, create aggression and change mood in loved ones is very real and frustrating. I know from my own experience the dramatic effect I get with certain foods creating an unhealthy state of mind. A little while back, after a wonderful child-free weekend of dining out on lots of delicious restaurant foods (mainly Asian which is my weakness) I became so sick, depressed and anxious that I couldn't get out of bed for 4 days. I went to a really dark place I would not wish on anybody! Please, if you, or someone you know could benefit, read the information below and take action.

Stay safe as school holidays come to a close and term 4 looms full steam ahead. I refuse to count how many days it is until Christmas yet... it will be here before we know it, lol!
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--- Delish! ---


White Chocolate and Salted Caramel Mousse

Donna Hay: Using Nestle white melts, tinned caramel top and fill this recipe is deliciously failsafe. Serve with another failsafe biscuit instead of the suggested biscotti. You can prepare the mousse a day in advance. Just cover and keep refrigerated until ready to serve. You can keep any extra in the fridge for up to two days. [recipe link]

~ "My wife can't cook at all. She made chocolate mousse. An antler got stuck in my throat." ~ Rodney Dangerfield


Real Meals: "Yummeh! A lovely light and chewy bread, with a nice crust. The original recipe calls for the pretzels to be brushed with butter and salted after baking, but I decided with the last lot to just put the salt on while they were wet before baking. I think this worked well and took away one teeny 'unhealthy' element." [recipe link]

Chicken Vermicelli

Cooking For Oscar: A great quick easy meal to make mid week when time poor. [recipe link]

Failsafe Beef Samosas with Pear Chutney

Domestic Diva: "Trying to get creative with some more food for my littlest non-eater, I started experimenting with more meals to do with pastry or “pie crust” as she loving calls it. Then I remembered I have a set of 3 different sized samosa makers that I purchased 10 or more years ago and are hiding in the back of the pantry. With these nifty gadgets and pastry, my daughter was excited to help. I have made them a few times over the last few weeks for her, and the first time she ate 6 in a row, the whole thing, meat filling and all!!!" [recipe link]

Magic Custard Cake

Create Bake Make: "I’m calling it, this Magic Custard Cake really is magic." [recipe link]

Somali style vegetable topping

Fed Up: A failsafer wrote 'I've been struggling to get veggies into my kids lately, having struck a fussy phase, and suddenly everything's yukky. Well I remembered the curries my Somali friend makes, and they are so sweet due to the way she cook the vegetables. So I've tried it and it's been a bit of a breakthrough. I've used it to make a great lasagne, fill pies, on pizza, and on pasta." [recipe link]

Lemon Meringue Pie

Failsafe Foodie: Free of gluten, free of dairy and free of all those nasty chemicals that make life in this house not fun.
This pie is free of all those things and it's so good that your guests won't even know it.
Without further ado I give you the gluten free, dairy free, soy free, lemon free - Lemon Meringue Pie. [recipe link]

Quinoa & Choko Patties

Quinoa & Choko Patties
Gluten Free Nutrition: Gluten & Dairy free healthy patties. [recipe link]

Chickpea Nuggets

The Kitchn: "Getting kids to try new foods is simply an exercise in marketing. Case in point: When I made falafel for dinner one night, I called them chickpea nuggets instead of falafel and my children gobbled them right up. They asked for chickpea nuggets again and it got my mind churning with an idea for an actual chickpea nugget recipe — one with all the flavors and textures of chicken nuggets, but baked and egg-free. These chickpea nuggets look like chicken nuggets, but are vegan and require only six pantry staples. And they're totally delicious!" [recipe link]
** Leave out the onion powder for failsafe.
Serve with pear ketchup or Failsafe BBQ Sauce.

Chickpea Crepes / Wraps

Sweet As Honey: This is not a failsafe blog, but this recipe, WITHOUT the optional spices it is. For those who are GF and on very limited ingredients, this would make a great alternative for wraps.
"Chickpea crepes are delicious thin vegan and gluten free protein wraps made with only 3 ingredients: garbanzo bean flour (chickpea flour), water and salt. An easy, healthy blender recipe perfect for a savoury crepes for breakfast". [recipe link]

Burmese Chickpea Tofu

Delicious Everyday: "Looking for a soy free tofu? This vegan Burmese Chickpea Tofu (also called shan tofu) is an easy homemade tofu recipe to make which is a healthy and delicious source of protein".
** Leave out the optional turmeric for failsafe. [recipe link]

Nell’s cake (with egg-free option)

Fed Up: Named after a little old lady called Nell, this incredibly simple recipe also works well with ‘No Egg’ substitute. Nicole says ‘we take this to Scouts for the end of term celebrations, there are never any left over, and some of the mothers wonder why their coloured creations don't get eaten!’ [recipe list]

Mental Health

1 in 5 Australians are affected by mental illness, yet many don’t seek help because of stigma. Mental illness impacts all Australians. No family, workplace or community is unaffected. It is estimated that one in four Australians will experience a mental illness in any year and one in two Australians will experience a mental illness in their lifetime. But only around 35 per cent of affected Australians actively access services for mental health problems because of this stigma.

Depression and food intolerance fact-sheet from Fed Up: Depression, anxiety, unexplained tiredness, panic attacks, suicidal thoughts and actions, obsessive-compulsive disorder and social phobia can be associated with foods.
Amines are not the only food chemicals associated with symptoms of depression – any food chemical can be a problem, and people are different which is why the elimination diet is needed to clarify which food chemicals affect each individual. You will probably suffer withdrawal symptoms at some time during the first two weeks, and your symptoms will probably recur during challenges, so it is important to be supervised by an experienced dietitian, doctor or counsellor during your diet.
The Mood Disorders Unit at the Prince of Wales Hospital, Randwick, Sydney, is now carrying out further studies into the food-depression link.
Fact sheet also covers: People more at risk, Exposure to fumes and perfumes, Antidepressant side effects, Reader reports, References, Further information. [read more]

Suicide prevention by diet fact-sheet from Fed Up: Food-related depression that is sometimes “sufficiently intense to provoke suicidal thoughts” was one of the symptoms described by researchers from the RPAH (Royal Prince Alfred Hospital) allergy clinic back in 1986. Most people don’t realise that food has anything to do with their symptoms, have never heard of dietary salicylates and amines, and don’t realise that overdoing processed foods or even “healthy” foods like bananas, avocadoes, cheese, chocolate, tomatoes, mandarins or strawberries could possibly have anything to do with suicidal thoughts.
Fact sheet also covers: Introduction, Foods most likely to cause suicidal thoughts and actions, Antidepressants can increase the risk of suicide, Reader reports, References, More information. [read more]

October - Mental Health Month - Mental Health Month 2018 will be keeping the theme from last year – Share the Journey. The message is important – isolation has a huge impact on the wellbeing of people whose mental health isn’t as great as they’d like it to be. We can all share the journey to make things a little easier, to make communities as supportive as possible; to make good mental health a bit more accessible for everyone.

5th October - Odd Sock day. Because anyone can have an odd day. Pull on your odd socks and stomp out stigma.

10th October - World Mental Health Day - "Do you see what I see?" Make a promise and read the promise wall.

11th October - Headspace Day is a national day of support for the mental health and wellbeing of all young Australians and provides early intervention services to 12-25 year olds. We are asking all Australians to ‘Add a little colour to your day: Put your mental health in the picture’ and share different ways to maintain a healthy headspace.

If you would like to start exploring the effects food has in your life, this page from Fed Up web site is all about how to start failsafe eating: a step by step guide.



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