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Welcome to the August 2017 edition of our Newsletter!

3rd Birthday Edition!

3rd Birthday cup cake
It has been three years since we re-launched At the Failsafe Table at its new web site and began the monthly newsletters. What a great reason to celebrate! Thank you for your readership, subscriptions, shares, tweets, likes and comments on Pinterest and social media. To celebrate, eat cake! Check out some of the delicious cakes in this edition.

There have been some changes over the last three years, Trish, Frilly Pants and now Sandra have all moved on from Failsafe. So grateful for all the invaluable resource and delicious recipes they have supplied us with on their blogs to continue to cook. Only 4 out of the 5 blogs are left active, and sadly mine is not getting the attention it deserves with life just getting the way at the moment (I intend to rectify that real soon!). I hope that you have found the newsletters of value and it is my passion to continue bringing you more NEW recipes from multiple sources and ideas to help you on your Failsafe journey.
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--- Lets Celebrate ---


Elegant by Theresa

FAILSAFE (or close) decorated cakes: A beautiful elegant cake fit for any occasion! [recipe link]

The beauty of cakes: No one will even know it's failsafe!

Salted Caramel Cupcakes

Kyla shared on the Facebook closed group: "I am not usually a baker, in fact I'm the mom that's happy to pay a baker to make our cakes, however we are now FS and gluten/wheat free..... so tonight I baked! My son asked for salted caramel cupcakes to take to school for his birthday! (Minus the pretzel for my son) so I delivered! Not too far off the pic of the internet I had to use caramel top n fill for the drizzle on the top because I ran out of the caramel sauce I made but other then that pretty happy with the outcome. He was very happy he said "oh mum you got it right they look awesome"

You can view the recipe Kyla used here.

Nanna's Cake

pear streusel cake
Failsafe foodie: My mum is really great about cooking for us when we go there and always making sure she has snacks or something for the kids. This is a cake she has made on several occasions. It is nice for afternoon tea and lovely for dessert. Last night she made a rice milk custard to pour over it too. [recipe link]

Magic Bean Carob Cake

Magic Bean Carob Cake
Real Failsafe Meals: "If you have a Thermomix you might have already seen this one doing the rounds. I certainly am late coming in with this one. If you don't have a Thermie, then a food processor will happily do the job. Just purée and mix in the order given. I took some convincing to try this cake. I mean.... kidney beans? That's disgusting! but.. no! There is no 'bean' flavour." [recipe link]

Swede, leek and potato soup

Swede, leek and potato soup
Melanee shared this recipe: "It barely needs to be adapted (water/vege stock instead of chicken stock, no pepper/nutmeg, served with creme fraiche and chives) and is a lovely winter warmer. I thought it was little more than comfort food, but my dietitian thought it was a nutritional winner." [recipe link]

An Update from Howard Dengate via the Sue Dengate Facebook group.

"Processing aids are the new way of hiding food additives and their effects. I have been making submissions to FSANZ on your behalf as they come up, and there are a lot of them. Here is the latest
https://fedup.com.au/images/stories/FSANZA1131.pdf and you can see more at
https://fedup.com.au/…/fin-campaigns/what-you-can-do-to-help ".
Thank you Howard.

Circus Cake by Kate

FAILSAFE (or close) decorated cakes: It was for my daughter’s circus party and completely failsafe. As you can see it was very basically decorated but the paper bunting was effective and she and her friends loved it. [read more]

Best Ever Carob Cake with Jam and Cream Filling

Cooking for Oscar: This cake is so light and moist and will keep for several days (if there is any left!), and it has a really lovely flavour. I halved the amount of sugar in the original recipe and used half wholemeal flour, I also substituted decaf coffee for the real thing. I used an old-fashioned jam and cream filling and topped it off with the carob butter cream icing from the Friendly Food book. The result was delicious and it received lots of good comments. [recipe link]

Cheesecake Cookies

Yellow Bliss Road: These Cheesecake Cookies are so creamy and tender. It’s a delicious cookie that’s not too sweet but totally addictive! [recipe link]

Caramel Dream

Sharyn shared this slice on the Sue Dengate Facebook group: "This is quick, easy, failsafe & oh so delicious!" [recipe link]

Caramelised Lamb Chops

Domestic Diva: One of my favourite recipes growing up was my mum’s French Onion Lamb Chops. I have found a way to convert it into a failsafe diet recipe. It is so quick and easy to make. The meat is so juicy and tender cooked this way and better still, my kids love it! [recipe link]

Failsafe sukiyaki

Fed Up: This classic Japanese style hot pot recipe is a great meal for the family. Perfect for lots of failsafe ingredients, you could also use tofu, brussels sprouts, shallots and bean sprouts. Serve in small Asian bowls with chop sticks to create a fun and cozy atmosphere. [recipe link]

Sulphites (220-228)

Fed Up: Sulphites are some of the oldest and most widespread preservatives in our food supply. They were used in Greek and Roman times in wine, but it was only in the 1880s that their use in as preservatives in meats was pioneered by Australian and South American beef producers wanting to ship their products to England. The use of sulphites in fruit and vegetables became common with the growth of the processed food industry in the twentieth century.
At first sulphites were thought to affect only a small percentage of the population but in 1984, Australian researchers found that more than 65% of asthmatic children were sensitive to sulphites, and in 1999 the conservative World Health Organisation (WHO) revised upward their estimate of the number of sulphite-sensitive asthmatic children, from 4% to 20-30%.
On the recommendation of the WHO, food regulators have been working slowly to reduce the use of large amounts of sulphite preservatives in our foods. However, for children this reduction can be offset by increasing promotion of dried fruit as a healthy snack under new canteen guidelines prompted by the obesity epidemic. Since any dose of sulphites can be too much for asthmatics, individuals must learn how to avoid sulphites for themselves. [read more]

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