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Welcome to the Sept 2018 edition of the Newsletter!

It's spring time! My favourite time of the year! I pray this edition finds you all well and you have managed to escape the winter colds and flues. Sadly it hit our household and we are all nearly on the mend.

September is dementia awareness month. I am sure everyone at some stage has been in contact with a friend or family member who has dementia. My original profession was in aged care and I also experienced dementia with my own grandparents. It is frustrating for the sufferer and families. The food intolerance network has a fact sheet about Dementia and food additives. See below 'in the spotlight' for more information.

I hope all the recipes I have sourced for this edition tickle your fancy, I am looking forward to trying the Baked Caramel Dumplings. Maybe I should make them late at night after the family has gone to bed so I don't have to share them!
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Meatballs & Spaghetti

Domestic Diva: "Everyone in our family has a set night that they cook dinner. I love getting everyone involved and they have to choose their menu before the grocery shop. My husband is a really good cook and I love it when he creates new dishes. We have watched a few cooking shows recently where the meatballs are massive and they only put three big ones on the plate rather than lots of little bite sized morsels. Jimmy decided he wanted it give it a go without the tomato to make a failsafe version". [recipe link]

~ "Miracles are like meatballs because nobody can exactly agree on what they are made of, where they come from, or how often they should appear ." ~ Lemony Snicket

Baked Caramel Dumplings

Donna Hay: This delicious recipe is from the famous Donna Hay and is suitable for failsafe. [recipe link]

Elim Meat Pie

Elim Meat Pic
Gluten Free Nutrition: This recipe makes 6 individual gluten free, dairy free pies. Serve with choko chutney. [recipe link]

Chicken Rissoles

Cooking for Oscar: These rissoles are great for storing in the freezer and bringing out for a BBQ at home, or to take to a BBQ somewhere else. [recipe link]

Milky Bar Cheesecake

Milky Bar Cheese cake
Taste.com.au: "Milkybar fans will love this white chocolate cheesecake version... and you won't believe what we use to make it!" [recipe link]

Mayonnaise Chicken Drumsticks

Fed Up: Chicken drumsticks or chicken breast marinated in Mighty Mayo and crumbed. Great recipe for the kids. [recipe link]

Chicken Schnitzel

Chemical Free Chemist: These schnitzels are low FODMAP, failsafe, dairy free and gluten free. [recipe link]

Veggie Bake

Fed Up: An easy vegetable bake that can be made with normal or GF flour. [recipe link]

Chicken and Leek “Pie”

Failsafe Table - Chicken and Leek Pie
Failsafe Table: Recipe by Melanee. It freezes well so is great for work lunches. You can also just make the chicken and vegetable mix and freeze it in single serves to use a heap of different ways – creamy pasta, on rice, in pastry pockets… [recipe link]

Chicken frittata

Fed Up: This recipe is another variation on hiding the vegetables, Debbie says: “My 6 year old son loved this recipe but I didn't tell him there were brussel sprouts as he tried one the other night and didn't like it”. [recipe link]

How to make perfectly poached eggs

Jamie Oliver: "A perfectly cooked poached egg is a hard thing to beat. Served on hot toast, it’s the best breakfast going. But while it can be a little tricky to get right, just a couple of fail-safe rules will get you making perfect, super-silky eggs in no time at all." [recipe link]
Note: Black pepper in the recipe is not suitable for Failsafe (very high salicylates).

Vanilla Instant Pudding

Cooking for Oscar: "I haven’t had instant pudding since I was a kid, in fact I’d forgotten all about it before I came across the recipe. Oscar had great fun making and eating it, although I had to convince him that the pudding made with milk would taste even better than the dry mix!" [recipe link]

Teff & Quinoa Bread

Bread GFN
Gluten Free Nutrition: Gluten & Dairy free. "The bread is not complicated but it does take time as there is at least 2 hours of proofing and 70 minutes of cooking. You will need a warm spot in the house for proofing." [recipe link]

Cashew Biscuits

The Right to Be Alive: "I bought a cooking app sometime back. One of the asian recipes is the almond cookies. I amended it and changed some of the ingredients. I made cashew cookies instead." [recipe link]

Dementia Awareness Month

Dementia Awareness Month is Dementia Australia’s national awareness-raising campaign held every year throughout September.
Its aim is to encourage all Australians to become more aware of dementia, to get a better understanding of what it is like to live with dementia and how we can support people living with dementia.
This year’s theme is Small actions Big difference.
There are many small actions people can take to create a big difference for people impacted by dementia, their families and carer. [read more]

Dementia and food additives – and other food intolerance symptoms in the elderly

The effects of food additives - and other food chemicals such as salicylates - on adults and the elderly are generally overlooked. Yet it seems likely that a more permeable blood-brain barrier due to conditions such as Alzheimers would make patients more vulnerable to the effects of food colours and other additives and that’s what our readers report. Other health conditions associated with food intolerance in the elderly include incontinence, arthritis, gout, rash, irritability and forgetfulness.

Scientists already know that Alzheimers patients suffer from a damaged blood-brain barrier, the gateway that normally protects the brain from potential toxins including food additives. But they didn’t know when the breakdown happened. A study published early in 2015 suggests that the blood-brain barrier breakdown happens early in the aging human brain and may contribute to cognitive impairment.
This has important implications for seniors who would like to maintain their cognitive abilities because it explains some of the stories our readers have sent about the beneficial effects of an additive-free, low salicylate diet on their relatives with dementia. It means that the same artificial colours, preservatives, flavour enhancers and salicylates that can cause inattention, forgetfulness and confusion in children may also affect seniors. [read more]


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