April / May 2020 Newsletter #58
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Surviving Covid-19 while on the Failsafe diet.!!

These are certainly crazy times we are in! The whole world has been brought to its knees. With the supermarket frenzy it has been hard to purchase all the staples that we rely on for failsafe and some items have been limited to two per person! Especially with most who are on the failsafe diet for conditions and low immune systems, the last thing you want to be doing it a shop or supermarket crawl to find all your needs and exposing yourself to more people.

If you have been shopping at the same butchers and green grocers and have a rapport with them, ask if they can keep some items aside for you to purchase to ensure you are able to acquire them when needed.

This edition will hopefully help you to be able to make a few basics with ingredients you may have at home, plus tips on how to get through the lock down and isolation. I know every country, city and town will be different in what you can access, but hopefully something will be helpful for you in this edition. Make sure you use this time to regularly check in and keep in touch with loved ones on line. Praying that it will all be over soon.

Also, don't forget that EASTER is nearly here too! A time to bring joy in the chaos!

Take care and stay safe!
Pear Loaf. Gluten free, Dairy Free and Failsafe.

Pear Loaf

Guest blogger for At The Failsafe Table Simone Yee's recipe.
"Finally perfected gluten free and dairy free, Pear loaf, delicious when freshly sliced or toasted the next day!"

The Basics

A lot of the basics can be really hard to find in the supermarkets at the moment including; rice, pasta, flours, non dairy long life milks and toilet paper. If only we could make our own toilet paper, lol! Try ordering online from health food shops or places like Bidfood Home Delivery. Have you ever considered making some of the basics from scratch?
New life on a homestead: or those who want to avoid dairy for reasons varying from allergies to ethical concerns, making your own rice milk provides an inexpensive and readily available alternative. [recipe link]

Cookidoo: A Rice Milk recipe that is made in the Thermomix. [Recipe Link]
Howard's butter cabbage
Fed Up: A high vitamin C dish to serve with your favourite main meal. [recipe link]
domestic Diva: A great staple to keep in your fridge is a vegetable stock. Having it home made, you know exactly what’s in it, full of wonderful vegetable goodness and full of flavour for your dishes. [recipe link]

Traditional method of Veg stock [recipe link]
It seems Pinterest has changed recently and all the extensive notes I had on each recipe pin has disappeared. 😭 Not all the pins are from failsafe blogs and I had information on what ingredients you need to sub to make a recipe easily converted to failsafe. I was unaware of the changes and apologise if it has confused anyone! 😔
I will be slowly going over all the pins and adding a "comment" on them as Pinterest will not allow me to edit the majority of them. Please check for comments or notes and be patient, it may take a while with over 1,363 pins... Thank you.


For more great failsafe Easter craft ideas and recipes, check out the Failsafe Pinterest Board.
Unfortunately the dates to order eggs from Carobana has passed, but they still have other treats you can order.
With self isolation at present, doing challenges while at home without the added pressures of work or school could be a good idea. Consider doing an amines challenge for Easter as chocolate is easier to come by than Carob.
Hopper HQ: "It's really not that hard to make your own and it is lots of fun. You can be as creative as you like once you have the hang of the process.
Follow these instructions and you'll be very proud of yourself for your creations". Use Carob or White Melts for Failsafe. [recipe link]
Domestic Diva: "Easter is upon us again, a time to be able to celebrate an unfailing act of love. Eggs symbolise new life and I couldn’t resist putting a marshmallow fondant egg on top of the last batch of cup cakes I had just made. I had some marshmallow fondant in the fridge left over from the last birthday cake I had made, perfect way to use it up!" [recipe link]
Cooking for Oscar: "It’s that time of year again! That time when I buy a new tin of instant yeast and start making buns – starting with the hot cross kind. I will be making hot cross buns for Oscar this weekend." [recipe link]

Kersten's Kitchen: [recipe link]
happy-easter-2019-best-wishes-greetings a

Fed Up Fact Sheet:

Covid-19: 5 questions from readers from the Food Intolerance Network

New blog from Sue Dengate.
Five useful questions (and answers) from people about coronavirus and food issues:

1. What are the best fruits/veg for Vit C when you have salicylate and amine problems?
2. What is the best Vitamin C supplement for failsafers?
3. Zinc is meant to help our immune system. What are the best foods for zinc when you have salicylate and amine problems?
4. If we get the virus what would you recommend?
5. Can you explain to me why we don’t get sick when on failsafe?
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