June / July 2020 Newsletter #59
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I pray you have all survived life in ISO (self Isolation) ok. Now that restrictions are starting to ease here in Australia with gatherings numbers increasing, limits taken off the amounts of food you can buy and actually find in the supermarkets, a small semblance of normality is starting to occur. Although I find myself wanting ISO to continue. As an introvert and home body, I loved forgetting about the mad rushing around of our everyday life routine. I loved the forced staying at home with my family. Sadly, I know this is not the case for everyone. Those who are extroverts or facing domestic violence will gladly welcome the lifting of restrictions. (Please, if you or someone you know has been experiencing DV, please seek help and also see the fact sheet below).

One thing I did find helpful was liberating the food we ate at home during ISO without the outside pressures that can be hard to control and monitor while doing challenges and watch for reactions. For us it was the perfect time to challenge foods and so far are pleased with the results!

This edition is all about winter meals (yes, it's winter and cold in Australia for our readers from the northern hemisphere, lol). The feature recipe this month is from Christy at 'Christy Rose Bud Blog'. A New Zealander currently living in Glasgow with her first failsafe recipe on her blog. Hoping there will be lots more to come. Thanks Christy.

Continue to take care and stay safe!
Happy cooking.

Pear Muffins

(Gluten Free & Dairy Free)

Christy Rose Bud: "I love the combination of the nuts and the sweet pear, it makes for a very lovely breakfast treat! Now, in this recipe I used pecans as that what we had in the cupboard, and I was feeling able to tolerate them at the time. Pecans are high in salicylates and amines, so please be careful if you are needing to follow a failsafe diet. You can definitely take the pecans out and just have some yummy pear muffins, or swap out for a few cashew nuts instead!"


Cosy Winter Meals

It is going to be a long cold winter! Here are some recipes to help warm you up over the winter season. From soups, stews to desserts, there should be something for everyone.
Choko & Pot soup
Chicken-Casserole-with-Savoury-Scones-10-300x225 (1)
Lamb-Chop-Tagine-with-saffron-cous-cous-844x1024 (1)
Domestic Diva: I am excited about this recipe, a huge success with everyone coming back for seconds. The meat was not cooked for long, yet was so tender and melted in your mouth. Serve with plain pappadums. [recipe link]
Indian Lamb
CLAYPOT POTATO & CHICKEN STEW (With Garlic and Chives)
Right To Be Alive: A simple stew with great failsafe aromatic flavours. [recipe link]

Today's giggle!


Just Desserts

Domestic Diva: I love this dessert! It’s failsafe, versatile, easy to make in the Thermomix and my kids love it! I usually have it cooking in the Varoma while we are eating dinner, and a batch of Thermomix custard is perfect to serve with it. [recipe link]
A Hippie with a Minivan: This is a traditional french-Canadian dessert that was made during the depression era… the ingredients are simple and were cheap and it is one of those staple desserts in French-Canadian homes. [recipe link]
Pear-and-Choko-Crumble-2 (1)
Cooking for Oscar: This is a very quick and easy dessert, that tastes like pear and apple crumble. Its also doesn’t have as much fat or sugar as most crumble recipes.[recipe link]

Fed Up Fact Sheet:

Domestic Violence and Diet

New blog from Sue Dengate.
Experts say that domestic violence increases after natural disasters such as earthquakes, cyclones and bushfires.
A study by Melbourne University published last month (1) shows higher levels of violence against women in regions more severely affected by the 2009 fires, and family violence support services are now receiving calls from women in areas affected by this summer's devastating fires (2).
All the emphasis is on psychological effects of disasters.
When we started the Food Intolerance Network in Darwin about 30 years ago, some of our families were caught up in severe floods, unable to access their usual foods.
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