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Welcome to the September 2017 edition of our Newsletter!

It's Father's Day & Spring Time!

Happy Father's day to all the dads and grandpa's. Make sure you spoil the special guy in your life with these yummy recipes featured and cute craft ideas that you can put the kids to this weekend.

Spring time, the weather gets warmer, flowers start blooming... but, unfortunately for some, (myself included) it can mean a horrific season of hay fever and allergies. In this edition we look at ways to alleviate the symptoms.
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Failsafe Crazy Shake

Failsafe Crazy Shake by Fran

Guest Blogger: Decadence at its finest! Crazy shakes have made a huge hit the cafes, they all look amazing and some can even make you cringe with the bright colours and the amount of numbers in them. Here is a delicious amazing failsafe version you can indulge in for yourself or family as a treat. [recipe link]

Who said failsafe is boring?

How To Make Perfect Scrambled Eggs - 3 ways with Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver eggs
Video Tutorial from Jamie: 3 quick ways to whip up scrambled eggs for dad this father's day. [recipe]

Perfect Waffles

The Truthful Kitchen: "Waffles!!! Need I say more? Everyone in our home, regardless of age, LOVES waffles! I created this recipe by accident, perfect first time, despite just throwing a bit of this & that in. Have made numerous times since & have to say, the BEST thing about this recipe is it makes perfect waffles every time, fluffy inside, crispy outside, super yummy & they don’t stick! Even the gluten-junkie of our family loves them!" [recipe link]

Easy Caramel Scrolls

Create Bake Make: "If you are looking for a Caramel Scroll recipe that won’t leave you licking delicious sweet caramel off your fingers, these easy Caramel Scrolls are NOT for you". There are Thermomix and traditional methods. [recipe link]

Whiskey Cream Liqueur

Domestic Diva: "I have tried a number of different recipes to find the perfect liqueur that satisfies my taste buds using whiskey. I personally don’t like the smell or taste of whiskey, but since it’s one of the 3 beverages that are suitable for the failsafe diet, I was on a mission to find a way to like it. This recipe is the one that did it for me! Oh it’s so good, wonderful to have as a little nip before bed, straight or on ice.." [recipe link]

Building Memories with Dad

For a dad that has everything and loves spending time with the family, this is a great gift to make from The Seasoned Mom.
"The kids and I recently sat down together and brainstormed a long list of their favorite activities to do with Dad. Our jar quickly filled up when we began writing these different adventures onto individual building blocks.The love the thought behind the gift, as well as the seemingly endless stash of readily available options for those precious Saturday afternoons when we happen to have some free time! And as we check off each item from our “list,” the boys will literally AND figuratively be building special memories with their Father.
That’s a gift to last a lifetime!" [read more]

Nicola's golden syrup dumplings

Taste: These delicious dumplings are from Taste.com.au and are actually failsafe! A great dessert to spoil dad with. [recipe link]

Chicken soup for colds and flu

Fed Up: This failsafe adaptation is from Rennard BO and others, Chicken soup inhibits neutrophil chemotaxis in vitro, Chest, 2000;118:1150-1157. The laboratory version contained onions instead of leeks and shallots; turnips instead of swedes; parsnips, sweet potato and carrots which are OK if you can tolerate moderate salicylates but should not be used for your strict elimination diet, see link for alternatives and recipe. [recipe link]

Diet and academic performance: are researchers reinventing the wheel?

Fed Up: A recent Australian study found that eating more vegetables is associated with higher NAPLAN scores and drinking sugar sweetened beverages with lower NAPLAN scores. Why is this a surprise? We failsafers have known for years that diet affects schoolwork and there is plenty of quality research. [read more]

Egg McMuffins

Egg muffin
Real Failsafe Meals: "Good old, English Muffins. Split them with your fingers, pop them in the toaster then butter and spread with jam; grill them with savoury toppings; mini-pizzas; for morning tea, breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea... and yes... even the evening meal when you're having a something simple like eggs and baked beans. (Oh my! Saturday brunch, "egg and bicken muffin".) The uses for little palm-sized 'rolls' are endless but unfortunately the ones you buy in the shops always have nasty preservatives." [read more]

Father's Day Handmade Gift Ideas

I know this idea has been shared before with you, but it's a goodie. So for our new subscribers, here it is again! I took this pic a few years ago, it is a beer stein filled with Werthers Original lollies and topped with marshmallows. A perfect failsafe gift for any man.
If you are after some free printables and cards, Paper Trails designs have cute ties to fill in what you love about dad or grandpa. It is a great way to get some candid answers. Surprise Dad with a hilarious free printable joke teller (chatterbox) filled with funny Father’s Day jokes. Dads love the groan-worthy jokes, kids love the folded paper craft.
Need the perfect Father’s Day Card for Dad?
Try DIY Father’s Day Cards {The Best FREE Printable Paper Crafts just for DAD!}.

Chicken Burger by Melanee

Chicken Burger
Guest recipe Idea: This burger has a good combination of flavours. Failsafe bun (I bought from Pandoro in NZ) toasted with garlic butter, pan-fried chicken (real deli chicken-style when I have time), shredded cabbage and Brussels sprouts mixed with freshly chopped chives and creme fraiche.

Steak & Whiskey Pot Pie

Domestic Diva: My husband was happy to part with some of his precious Irish Whiskey stash for this recipe! A hearty casserole served in a pot with a crisp pastry top. We made this one in the slow cooker especially for our non Thermomix followers. I must admit, I do really like a casserole that has been cooked slowly so the meat melts in your mouth. If you have amine responders in your family, you can reduce the cooking time accordingly. [recipe link]

Garlic infused Roast Chicken and Vegetables

Cooking for Oscar: Continuing on my mission to find ways to eat choko, we tried roasting it last weekend. I roasted it two ways – skin off and skin on. Roasted it tastes quite nice, like squash and the skin is edible, so I would leave the skin on in future. We used the leftovers to make risotto the following night.
If you are avoiding amines, don’t eat the chicken skin. [recipe link]

Chicken with 40 Cloves of Garlic

Failsafe Foodie: This is another french dish which I absolutely love and my son loves it too. There is so much garlic, but after being roasted it is all soft and sweet and just delicious. You can serve it with your favourite bread or with mash and veg to make a big meal out it. [recipe link]

Max's MEMMs (mini expresso melting moments)

Fed Up: Melting moments with a coffee decaf icing. This recipe is thanks to Max (aged 10). [recipe link]

Allergy Train Doughnut Holes

Allergy Train:
Have you been dreaming about doughnuts?
Allergy Train has created allergy-friendly doughnut holes so that nobody needs to miss out! These doughnut holes are gluten free, dairy free, nut free, egg free, failsafe and vegan—and they come in a 10 pack so you can share them around or enjoy the perfect self-indulgence. Coat them with carob and sugar. For full description and list of ingredients.

Hayfever and allergic rhinitis

Fed Up: Hayfever – technically called rhinitis - can be associated with either allergy or intolerance. Allergy to pollen is particularly common, seasonal and tends to be characterised by sneezing, runny nose, watery itchy eyes, nose and palate. Persistent rhinitis occurs year round and can sometimes be mistaken as a long-lasting cold, with symptoms such as blocked or runny nose, snoring, loss of sense of smell and possible sneezing. There can also be an associated cough or constant throat-clearing, glue ear or sinus headaches.
Both kinds of rhinitis can be managed by diet, however, the foods to be avoided depend on your individual sensitivities.
For more nformation on Symptoms, Foods to avoid – allergy, Foods to avoid - intolerance, Reader reports, Management, Scientific references click here.

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