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Welcome to the October 2017 edition of our Newsletter!

With spring time in October, the weather is getting warmer, and it's a great time to start entertaining out doors again. This month we are bringing you some great recipes to start enjoying the beautiful weather and get outdoors - have a BBQ or picnic, or just eat Al fresco!

For those who part-take in Halloween (which seems to becoming a little more popular here in Australia with each year) this edition is for you. It is wonderful that the new organisation Teal Pumpkin Project is making a stand to make the season safer. Below are some ideas and links for surviving the occasion with food allergies and intolerances if your neighbourhood is trick or treating.
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At The Failsafe Table - Chicken & Leek Pie

Chicken and Leek “Pie” by Melanee

Guest Blogger: "Adapted from this recipe by Nadia Lim. It freezes well so is great for work lunches. You can also just make the chicken and vegetable mix and freeze it in single serves to use a heap of different ways – creamy pasta, on rice, in pastry pockets…" [recipe link]

"Delicious! I put some of the chicken in a small ramekin and topped with pastry for my youngest non-mashed potato eater." ~ Rona.

Mock Moussaka

Mock Moussaka
Gluten Free Nutrition: A tasty GF, DF dinner using lamb mince. [recipe]

Skinless Chicken Sausages

Real Meals: With trips to Melbourne needed to get some more sausages, Mr frillypants is looking into buying an attachment for our old Kenwood, to fill sausages. Or, we might get a freestanding one. Seems silly to keep the whole big mixer for one function. In any case, I experimented with a recipe last night and we all enjoyed them... even our little non-failsafe guest, who said she'd never had a chicken sausage before!!! [recipe link]

Quinoa Salad

Failsafe Foodie: The original recipe is a glorious ode to autumn and amazingly close to being failsafe. A few tweaks and you have a really tasty and quite healthy salad. Easiest, tastiest, protein packed salad ever. [recipe link]

Failsafe Soba Noodle Coleslaw with Cashew Dressing

Thermomix Recipe Community by MealsPlans: A large salad, great for BBQs and picnics. For larger quantities, make a second batch of coleslaw to add to soba noodles and dressing. For a smaller salad, put some cooked noodles aside for another meal.
Suitable for RPAH elimination diet, moderate salicylates due to carrot. Low salicylate if carrot is left out. Egg free and dairy free.
[recipe link]

Potato and Egg Salad

Cooking for Oscar: "My favourite salad this summer is potato and egg. This recipe is really easy, especially if you already have mayonnaise on hand, and you can add other ingredients to this base recipe".
[recipe link]

Leek & Deli Chicken Mini Pies

Domestic Diva: "This is another fantastic use of Deli Chicken from Real Meals. We call these ‘pies’ in our house, if the word quiche was mentioned, my 3 cherubs would not touch them, lol! They are great for picnics, lunch boxes, parties, and weekend brunches". [recipe link]
My Food Allergy Friends: "We'd like all our food allergy friends to have a safe and happy Halloween. If you are organising a trick-or-treat in your local neighbourhood or school. Share our printable NON-FOOD TREATS HERE poster, so our friends with allergies can join in the fun too.
Some examples that kids love - glow sticks, novelty Halloween toys, stickers, bubbles and pencil toppers. Check out your local discount store for more ideas. SPREAD the word with your friends and make this Halloween fun for everyone!" [read more]

Teal Pumpkin Project

Teal Pumpkin Project: "Raising awareness of food allergies and promoting inclusion of all trick-or-treaters throughout the Halloween season." [read more]
"The Teal Pumpkin Project offers free resources including printable signs, posters, the official Teal Pumpkin Project stencil, and new for this year, a Boo Your Neighbor Kit! Activities such as coloring pages, Halloween word match, and mask activity. These resources are an easy way to show your support and to help explain to your neighbors and friends how the Teal Pumpkin Project promotes inclusion of all trick-or-treaters".

Chicken and Cous Cous Salad in the Varoma

Domestic Diva: "I love using every wonderful aspect of my Thermomix, and this dish does just that. Steaming the chicken in the basket, veggies in the Varoma dish and cous cous in the tray. A complete one meal wonder! This dish is suitable for the failsafe diet." [read more]

Chicken and Risoni Salad

Cooking for Oscar: I’ve found a very easy, eggless mayonnaise recipe, which adapted well to a few changes. Combined with some left over chicken and vegetables, a can of beans and some pasta, it was great in this pasta salad. This is also the first salad Oscar has eaten. He loved the mayonnaise and has since had it with other meals. [recipe link]

Cookidoo Recipes - Failsafe / Easy Convert

Honeyed Chicken - Chicken Collection UK
For those with a Thermomix using the new Cookidoo online app, I am slowly finding recipes that are either failsafe or an easy convert. I have created a new pinterest board to make it easier for you to find and save into your own recipe lists within the app. I have included the changes on the image pinned (like above) and extra info on the pin as I save it. You can make the same notes in the "notes" section on the recipe within the app. You can find the new Pinterest board here. But make sure you "follow all" on our pinterest homepage or you will miss out when new boards are added.
Cookidoo is for TM31 and TM5 users. Have a chat to your consultant to find out more.

Super Salad with Mighty Mayo

Fed Up: The secret ingredient for getting salads into kids is the mayonnaise – “tastes like lemon mousse” said one failsafer [recipe link]

Healthy salad wraps with gluten free, dairy free, moderate salicylate options

Fed Up: Wraps are perfect for picnics, and dining our doors. Always check the ingredient list of store bought wraps for preservative 282. [recipe link]

No-Bake Caramel Cheesecake Shooters

Food in Pixels, Roberto Zucchi, Rosalinda Masucci, www.foodinpixels.com
Food in pixels: A cute no bake dessert that can easily be made suitable for failsafe by using milk arrowroot biscuits or another plain sweet failsafe biscuit in place of Graham crackers. [recipe link]

Soy Pana Cotta

Soy Pana Cotta
Gluten Free Nutrition: A Gluten Free, Dairy Free failsafe dessert. [recipe link]

Spooky Chocolate Muffin Marshmallow Halloween Ghosts (Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Failsafe, low FODMAP)

Thank Heavens: Halloween can be a tricky event for kids with food allergies or coeliac disease, and of course for their parents! Finding the balance between staying safe, yet making sure your kids have just as much fun as everyone else, is nothing short of a challenge every year.
Fun and yummy alternatives to the store-bought sweets are a must, and if they are uncomplicated to make it just makes life so much easier.
These very Spooky Chocolate Muffin Marshmallow Ghosts are sure to excite any little troll, and they are whipped up in a jiffy! They are delicious for both kids and grown-ups, and they’re certainly something different! [recipe link]

Reject a new way of hiding MSG in foods

MSG Rash

Glutaminase petition presented to FSANZ with more than 7,000 signatures

Sue & Howard Dengate: "SEP 28, 2017 — The Food Intolerance Network yesterday presented our petition with more than 7,000 signatures seeking to reject a new way of hiding MSG in food. The petition has with it a formal response on our reasons why Protein Glutaminase should not be approved as a Processing Aid." [read more]

Update Oct 6th: There are now over 10,100 signatures!!!

If you have not signed this petition yet... please do, and share with your friends. Thank you. Click here.

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