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November 17
Melbourne Cup is next week. The race that stops a nation! Have you been invited to any special functions or parties? For a bring a plate affair, there are a few recipes below to help you out.

Thanksgiving day is also celebrated in November. For our American friends, a few recipes to keep with tradition although they contain pumpkin which is a moderate Salicylates and if having turkey in your celebrations, be aware that it is high amines (not for strict elimination phase).

Only 7 weeks until Christmas! Have you even thought about it or started planing? The Christmas edition of the newsletter will be out on the 1st Dec, but I am sure you will want to start planning before then! I have included a few links to get you started. Also all the finger food in this edition it is perfect to make for Christmas parties.

If you are attending any functions over the crazy busy next few months, it pays to plan ahead, especially while on the elimination phase of failsafe. If events are catered for, try to find out the menu if possible and if suitable options can be made for you. Taking your own food can be a safer option. Have a selection of things pre-made and kept in your freezer so you have a few things on hand when the need arises. This will help to take some of the stress out of the constant party mode. The other great reason to have a stash in the freezer means you are prepared when a party comes up unexpectedly and have failsafe food on hand to take for yourself or your child, so they don't feel left out.
Remember to breath and enjoy the lead up to Christmas,

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tri of dips

Lucky Dip

Failsafe Foodie: A platter of failsafe, dairy, gluten and soy free dips is hard to come by... Caramelised leeks, Parsley Pesto Dip, and Cashew Cream Cheese. [recipe link]

"You don't need a silver fork to eat good food" ~ Paul Prudhomme.

Failsafe Beef Samosas with Pear Chutney

Domestic Diva: Delicious finger food in tasty little parcels. Easy to make using prepared short crust pastry sheets and they freeze well, so you can make it ahead of time. These are baked, not fried. [recipe link]]

Beef & Brown Rice Balls

Beef & Brown rice balls - Gluten free Nutrition
Gluten Free Nutrition: Gluten Free Dairy Free Low Chemical. Serve on their own as finger food with a dipping sauce or with noodles, vermicelli, vegetables, salad, wraps, sandwiches or eat as small snacks. [recipe link]

Vanilla Slice with Pear Icing

Real Meals: Everyone loves vanilla slice, always popular, and will be a winner when you have to take a plate to a function. [recipe link]

Coffee Cake / Cupcakes and Maple Butter Cream Icing

Cooking for Oscar: "I’ve been looking around for some ideas for cakes with a different flavour – vanilla, pear, chocolate and carob have been staples in our house for sometime now. When I found this coffee cupcake recipe came from BBC Good Food I had a “d’oh” moment – why didn’t I think of that? The cake can be used as tea cake or dessert cake, it tastes fantastic warm, drizzled with rice malt or maple syrup. I also made them as cupcakes with maple butter cream icing. Made with Nuttelex, these cakes are also dairy-free and just as yummy." [recipe link]

Failsafe Spring Rolls

Fed Up: You can either deep or shallow fry these spring rolls or bake in the oven. The amount of each vegetable in the mix will depend on your taste. This mix can be used to make pies as well. [recipe link]

Gluten Free Pumpkin Cake

Thank Heavens: Perfect indulgence for Thanksgiving... Worlds Best Pumpkin Cake; Moist, Tall and Delicious with dairy-free "Cream Cheese Frosting"! (Gluten-free, dairy-free, low FODMAP, fructose friendly) Moderate Salicylates, great for challenge. [recipe link]

"Lemon" Slice

lemon slice 8
Cooking for Oscar: "Today was my day at home with Oscar and we decided to make “lemon” slice. Lemons are quite high in salicylates, so Oscar can’t have them, but citric acid makes a good substitute. I adapted this recipe from the Nestle one on the condensed milk label." [recipe link]

Crab Dip Canapés with Quinoa Tostadas

Domestic Diva: "I wanted to try to create a dish that is suitable for adults, and you wouldn’t be able to guess that it’s Failsafe! These are a perfect canapé for a party or to serve before a dinner. The tostadas suit a more mature taste bud, all the adults I got to sample them loved them, but the kids preferred to have the dip on jatz." [read more]

Quinoa & Choko Patties

Quinoa & Choko Patties
Gluten Free Nutrition: Gluten & Dairy free and Low salicylate and amine. Serve on it's own with a dipping sauce for finger food. Place in wraps with mayonnaise and lettuce, or on a plate with choko chutney and salad. Heat for a mid-meal snack on its own or stir fry with cabbage, bean sprouts, green beans and serve over rice noodle. [recipe link]

Failsafe falafel

Failsafe Falafel
Mind your Feed: "Who doesn’t like a little ball of chickpea goodness? Personally I do prefer mine with some yummy spices but these are pretty damn good compromise. You can make them into patties or balls of any size. Like all falafels, they’re best deep fried, but if formed into patties, they can be shallow fried successfully too." [recipe link]

Baked Chicken Balls

The Right To Be Alive: These chicken morsels are easy to make and are baked in the oven. [recipe link]

Thanksgiving comes, by statute, once a year.
To the honest man it comes as frequently as
the heart of gratitude will allow”
-E. S. Martin

Pumpkin Pie

Fed Up: This recipe uses butternut pumpkin which is moderate in salicylates, all other pumpkins are high. Great for Salicylate challenge.[recipe link]

Confectionery / Treats

Buying treats for Christmas is something that takes thought and being prepared for when doing failsafe. Often most things need to be purchased on line so you need to allow delivery.
Allergy Train has a selection of failsafe Christmas lollies and treats. When looking in their store, select the "Rpah Strict Elimination Diet" option on the sidebar.
Click here for the list of suitable treats from Fed up. Confectionery such as butterscotch, caramels, fudge, honeycomb, marshmallows, meringues, toffees and white chocolate (when made from permitted ingredients - no colours, preservatives or flavours that you can taste except vanilla, caramel, butterscotch or musk).

Advent Calendars

A lot of the calendars you find in the shops are filled with chocolates and lollies that are full of colours, flavours and preservatives. There are lots of Failsafe ways that you can make your own advent calendars for you family to enjoy. By using nick nacks, small toys, stationary, failsafe lollies or verses to be opened each day leading up to Christmas. Our Pinterest page will give you some great ideas to begin planning. [read more]

Hints for challenges from Fed Up

Your dietitian's booklet will tell you exactly what to eat and how much to eat of it during your challenges.
The key is to concentrate on one food chemical at a time and to eat lots of it. As a rule of thumb, 3 days for artificial additives and 7 days for natural chemicals such as salicylates; however, we find that people may need longer for bread preservative 282 (5-7 days or more) and at least 10 days for milk.
The rules of challenge that your dietitian will recommend are:
  • Several days without symptoms before each challenge (ask your dietitian – usually it's 3-5 days)
  • Stick strictly to the elimination diet. Start again at the beginning (several days without symptoms) if you make a mistake.
  • Stick strictly to the challenge foods on your dietitian's list

    This fact sheets is full of helpful info you need for doing each challenge. [read more]

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