February 2024 #77

2024 is here!

Are you ready?

It is all happening in the blink of an eye... I can't keep up. It is already February and Christmas seems like so long ago.
There are a few celebrations this month; Chinese new year (10th Feb) and Valentines day 14th Feb). Next month is Easter (29th March). Who saw hot cross buns in the supermarkets on Boxing Day???!! The next edition will be out in May, so I have included links for you to refer to for these up coming events.

This edition I have sourced some lunch box recipes plus a few special recipes to make the ones you love feel extra special on Valentines day. Whether it's a special treat in their lunch box with a note to say how loved they are (or for yourself) without spending the whole day in the kitchen.

Lucky Dip

Failsafe Foodie: A platter of failsafe, dairy, gluten and soy free dips is hard to come by. Parsley Pesto Dip, Caramelised leeks, Cashew Cream Cheese and Hommus. I served these dips with rice crackers, broken buckwheat crispbreads and mini cracker sized rice cakes. You could also use celery sticks which have been my son's vessel of choice for the cashew cheese this week.

Real Deli Chicken

Real Failsafe Meals: Soak chicken in brine, poach it... and as easy as that you have a very commercial-tasting 'Deli Chicken' with no cruddy ingredients what-so-ever. Kids call it 'white bacon'... we played around with 'chacon', 'bicken'... and the winner is Real Deli Chicken.
Recipe Link >

Mini Frittatas

Cooking for Oscar: The best part of these is that the filling can be changed to make different types of frittatas at the one time – especially good if you have multiple requirements or tastes to cater for.
Recipe Link >

Beef Samosas with Pear Chutney

Domestic Diva: Trying to get creative with some more food for my littlest non-eater, I started experimenting with more meals to do with pastry or “pie crust” as she loving calls it. Meat and veg filled for a great lunch snack.
Recipe Link >

Homemade Maple Pudding Recipe

What The Fork: Maple Pudding is an easy homemade pudding recipe made with pure maple syrup. This simple recipe is a great no-bake dessert or make-ahead option for holiday desserts.
*American recipe... if you are wondering what half and half is, equal parts pure cream and whole milk.
Recipe Link >

Pear Custard Tart

Confessions of a Baking Queen: Sweet, juicy pears are the perfect accompaniment to the creamy custard inside a buttery, crisp tart shell. This tart is one of those things that you take a bite of and find yourself needing another bite two minutes later.
* Leave out the almond essence for failsafe.
Recipe Link >

Salted Caramel Butter Bars

The Domesticated Rebel: These Salted Caramel Butter Bars are delightful and one of my family’s favorite recipes! Soft and chewy bars filled with a salted caramel ribbon in one buttery bar cookie!
Recipe Link >

Lemon and Poppy Seed Cake

Chemical Free Chemist: low FODMAP, dairy free and gluten free.
Recipe Link >

Pear Oat Bars

My Failsafe Life: Looking for a way to turn pears into something more … fun? These pear oat bars are soft and sweet and a great way to fancy up our one and only fruity FAILSAFE treat.
Recipe Link >

Easy pear muffins

Thermomix Recipe Community: Freezes well, just pop into lunchbox and will defrost by lunch time.
Recipe Link >

If you are after a traditional recipe, try My Failsafe Life Pearsauce Muffins (Gluten Free, Dairy Free)

Chinese New Year

The Failsafe Asian Influence Pinterest board has nearly 60 recipes for you to choose from to help you celebrate the Year of the Dragon.
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Start preparing for Easter, the pinterest board has failsafe Easter ideas and recipes .
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Looking for more inspiration? Check out the whole Failsafe Table Pinterest Page.
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Fact Sheet

FED UP: 280-283 Propionic acid and its salts: the bread preservative

"If you wanted to create a nation of underperforming children, you could hardly do better
than to add a preservative known to cause learning difficulties to an everyday staple food"
- Sue Dengate

E280 Propionic acid
E281 Sodium propionate
E282 Calcium propionate
E283 Potassium propionate*
cultured or fermented wheat, cultured or fermented dextrose or cultured or fermented whey (in fact, 'cultured' or 'fermented' anything!) - 'natural' preservatives which are chemically identical to added preservatives.

Australia has one of the highest permitted levels in the world of propionic acid and propionates used as preservatives (E280-283).

Australian food intolerance researchers were the first to report that propionate preservatives can contribute to hyperactivity in children (Swain et al). My own research in an Australian medical journal found that propionate preservatives can cause irritability, restlessness, inattention and sleep disturbance (difficulty settling to sleep and/or frequent night waking) in some children (Dengate and Ruben 2002).
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