May 2024 #78
Mother's day is Sunday 12th May! I hope you all have a wonderful day celebrating the amazing women that are in your life and have crossed your paths. We have all been positively influenced by someone, not necessarily always family... take time to let them know you appreciate them in more ways than one.

This edition focus' is on chicken recipes. Chicken is the easiest staple meat tolerated and easy to prepare while on the strict elimination failsafe diet. I hope some of these recipes help to increase your repertoire.

You can buy whole fresh or frozen chicken; chicken breast fillets, thighs, pieces (make sure there is no seasoning or stuffing, they are not self-basting, marinated or a manufactured meat), remove skin due to amines.

Have a fab weekend, take care and happy cooking!

Chicken and Leek “Pie”

It freezes well so is great for work lunches. You can also just make the chicken and vegetable mix and freeze it in single serves to use a heap of different ways – creamy pasta, on rice, in pastry pockets…

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Sheet Pan Maple Chicken + Brussels Sprouts

My Failsafe Life: Get dinner on the table in 30 minutes with this Sheet Pan Maple Chicken + Brussels Sprouts. It’s exactly what dinner should be: quick, easy, and delicious.
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Sticky Chicken Drumsticks

Domestic Diva: Simple; as it is using 3 ingredients… my new BBQ sauce recipe which I whipped up in the Thermomix, chicken and oil. You could use any chicken pieces for this, wings, drumettes, a whole chook, kebabs, or tenderloins.
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Garlic Chicken

Amanda's Cookin': Parsley works so well because of its mild flavor and doesn’t overpower the dish. This is GREAT for one of those nights when you don’t know what to cook. Serve this juicy, tender chicken with some quick cooking rice and steamed veggies.
*Leave out pepper and the lemon for serving. Use Failsafe oil. Can add chives.
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Skinnymixer's Lunchbox Loaf

Skinnymixers: This Thermomix recipe is super easy to make, extremely delicious and better yet: preservative, additive, nut, gluten, dairy, egg, grain and refined sugar free!
* Leave out paprika and use failsafe oil.
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Chicken and Egg Pasta Bake

Cooking for Oscar Low chemical easy and quick pasta bake. Use philly cheese for strict failsafe.
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Pear Glazed Chicken Meatballs

Amanda's Cookin': Mince chicken meat in your Thermomix to create mince to make these tasty meatballs from scratch.
* Peas are moderate glutamates, swap of beans or brussels sprouts and chop in 1st step.
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Chicken with Pear Sauce

Tasty Kitchen: Get into the fall season with this Chicken with Pear Sauce! Its sweet and savory flavor combination is delicious and won’t break the calorie bank.
*Use leek for onion and fresh homemade chicken stock or vegetable stock.
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Butter and Garlic Chicken Wings

Gal on a Mission: I am a huge fan of garlic with chicken, it really adds so much flavor. You can however add too much garlic, but these butter and garlic chicken wings have just enough.
*leave out pepper for failsafe.
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Creamy Chicken & Leek Parcels

Be a Fun Mum: Chicken and leek are favourite combinations of mine and to be honest, so is anything wrapped in puff pastry! The parcels are super easy to make and a great recipe to make ahead and freeze for those nights when you don’t feel like cooking. I love to serve them with a side salad for a light meal or a plate of vegies for something a little heavier.
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Colourful Stir Fry

Chemical Free Chemist: Not only is this stir fry recipe failsafe, it is also low FODMAP, dairy free and gluten free.
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Easy Garlic Chicken Parcels

Sprinkles & Sprouts: These Garlic Chicken Parcels are easy to make and look super impressive, plus they are make ahead! Individual puff pastry parcels (using pie crusts) are filled with juicy chicken and oozing with garlic butter.
* Leave out lemon and pepper for failsafe.
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Maple Poppy Chicken Burgers

My Failsafe Life: These maple poppy chicken burgers have the perfect depth and mystery to them, making them an absolute delight for breakfast or dinner. Feel free to serve it with a bun and call it a burger or serve it naked and call them breakfast patties.
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Fact Sheet

Fed Up: Fumes and Perfumes

"Some fragrances give me an instant headache and
make me feel sick to my stomach, I feel as if I am going
to vomit and just want to get away from it as quickly as possible".

Exposure to fumes and perfumes can affect food sensitive people in a variety of ways including headaches, lethargy, forgetfulness, respiratory problems, asthma and behaviour problems in children. Some chemicals act as sensitisers, that is, exposure can make you more sensitive to other chemicals. You can't avoid all chemicals, but you can reduce your total load. If this information seems overwhelming, go slowly. Get your food sorted out first.

Perfumes, fragranced products and environmental chemicals can cause all the symptoms of food intolerance due to inhaled salicylates and other chemicals. Some people are more sensitive than others.

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