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Welcome to the December 2017 edition of the Newsletter!

Christmas-Day 17

Only 24 sleeps until Christmas!!!!

Have you started planning for the festive season? I hope you find this edition helpful to take the stress out of planning a festive failsafe Christmas for your family. Whether it be the many school, sports or work Christmas functions or preparing for your own feast on the day... you don't have to miss out on the celebrations. With a little planning and forward baking you can have a wonderful Christmas full of tasty treats. This edition is loaded with Christmas inspiration, ideas and recipes to get you started. There are also lots more recipes on our Pinterest Christmas board, so make sure you take a peek.
Thank you for all your support in 2017. I pray At The Failsafe Table has made your load a little lighter this year. The next edition will be Feb 2018.
May you all have an incredibly fun, stress free, prosperous, safe and exciting Christmas, New Year and holiday.
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Pavlova with Pears & Salted Butter Caramel Sauce

Christmas screams for pavlova, what a better time is there to serve it for your family and friends. This recipe is not from a Failsafe blog, but this recipe is actually suitable for failsafe, even the caramel sauce. Most pav's contain vinegar or lemon juice, this recipe is just egg white and sugar.
Eat Well: "Incredibly light and airy, crispy on the outside, but soft as marshmallows on the inside, these pear and caramel pavlovas are such a crowd-pleasing dessert to serve on a dinner alfresco with good friends. [recipe link]

Good food is all the sweeter when shared with good friends.

White Chocolate Bark

Domestic Diva: A new recipe on the blog. This is something you can make as gifts for family and friends, take on a plate to share at a Christmas party or function, our just to indulge a little for yourself during the festive season. [recipe link]

Melted Snowman Cupcakes

Kate Finch via Sue Dengate FB Group: Fun FS Christmas food: melted snowman cupcakes. Could also be done on cookies.
Icing is icing sugar and enough water or milk so the mixture coats the back of the spoon. White musk stick slivers for the nose, half a marshmallow for the head. Silver cachous for the buttons, and charcoal in water on the end of a skewer for drawing the eyes. [FB link]

Carob Truffles

Domestic Diva: Rum balls have always been a traditional Christmas treat that I love. When we first started doing the Failsafe diet, finding a suitable variation for my son was a must so he wouldn’t miss out. This recipe has turned into my kids favourite Christmas treat, and guess what… it is something all 3 like! Yah! I think the added bonus is that I put a marshmallow in the centre.. [recipe link]]
Another alternative is White Chocolate Truffles, two versions to be precise... cute ones for the kids and vodka ones for the adults!

Christmas Chicken Roll

Failsafe Foodie: While I was deciding what to make I was thinking about all the different yummy foods that are usually eaten over the holidays and one of the things that came into my mind was those rolled pieces of pork that are stuffed with fruit and nuts and are sweet and moist with that naughty bit of crackling on the top. I have done a failsafe version of that. "How is that even possible?" you say. "Massive substitutions" I say; that and a bit of imagination. [recipe link]

Pear Mince Pies

Domestic Diva: "These little pies are divine! A great Failsafe diet alternative for fruit mince pies at Christmas time. Leaving them plain on top or a different shape cut with pastry can make them perfect for any occasion. Lovely served at room temperature or heated up with ice cream, custard or Whiskey Cream Sauce for a decadent dessert." [recipe link]

Christmas and food intolerance

Fed Up: Christmas can be the worst time of year for people with food intolerance - especially those who haven't yet realised they are affected by food. Food reactions are related to the size of the dose, people eat bigger doses of high salicylate, amine and glutamate foods at Christmas time, reactions can be delayed and cumulative. This is when people are likely to realise they need to take food seriously.
[read more]

Panettone Bread Pudding

Panettone Pud 1
Thermomixer Blog: I wanted to make a panettone pudding in the style of a bread and butter pudding with leftover panettone from Christmas. I had been thinking that this was a modern interpretation of the classic dessert until I was browsing through "Chez Panisse Cooking", where I saw a recipe for panettone and then panettone bread pudding.
The recipe uses the steaming attachment - Varoma - to cook the pudding, so that you don't need to turn on the oven. But you can cook it in a bain-marie, especially if you double the recipe. I used a 1.5 litre bowl to fit into the Varoma. [recipe link]
Fed Up: have you read Sue and Howard Dengate's latest newsletter? "Failsafe Newsletter 87 December 2017" Lots of helpful info, success stories and updates on products.

Reindeer Caramel Fudge

Thermo Kitchen: These fudge packaged as cute little reindeer make gorgeous Christmas gifts for the neighbours, friends or Christmas parties. Use Nestle white chocolate melts to keep the recipe suitable for failsafe. [recipe link]
If you are after a traditional fudge recipe, try this Quick Carob Fudge from the fed up web site.

"Lemon" Curd Sponge

Lemon curd
Gluten Free Nutrition: A delicious dessert to add to your Christmas menu. Gluten & Dairy free and Low Salicylate & Amine [recipe link]

Christmas Carob Syrup Cakes

Cooking for Oscar: I had quite a bit of carob syrup left over and was looking for something to do with it. In the back of my mind I was also looking for some ideas for festive Christmas fare, so when I came across this recipe from Fast Ed for Carob Syrup Cake I thought it would make the prefect Failsafe / Low Chemical Christmas dessert or cake. The cake itself is deliciously moist and sooo yummy, and a nice contrast of flavours with the carob syrup. I sweetened my syrup a bit for this recipe, but that depends on how you find the taste of carob. [recipe link]

Pear and Red Quinoa Salad with Maple Dressing

Domestic Diva: Red quinoa looks so pretty cooked and made me think of Christmas. With our hot climate in Australia, I would much rather have salads to eat on Christmas day, so here is one just a bit different. Oh, and you don’t need to wait for Christmas to have it… is great with a BBQ or as a side to any dish, any time of year. [recipe link]


Real Meals: "I am not going to claim this to be 'authentic', but I think the intention is clear. This is "Failsafe Panettone" and these can sit proudly at any Christmas table. Or pre-Christmas get-together. Or end-of-year gathering. Or... crikey... a birthday party!! (Waves to the December birthday peeps)." [recipe link]

Gingerless Christmas Cookies

Kersten's Kitchen: These cookies are made like your usual gingerbread, we just need to leave out the spices to be low chemical. They are GF & DF. [recipe link]

Snowy Christmas Cakes

Nurse Naomi: 5 Minute “Christmas” Cakes with 4 Snowy Icing Ideas: Vegan, Allergy and Food Intolerant Friendly. If, like me you are always in a hurry, whip up a batch of these festive allergy friendly cakes in 5 minutes like I did with my three year old yesterday, 30 minutes before the school pick up. Bung in the oven for 15-20 minutes and then pick your poison for the icing. They are so easy to make and a great chance for your kids to get stuck into some kitchen fun. [recipe link]

Stained Glass Window Cookies

Cooking for Oscar: Lollies, (use Allergy Train Pear Drops for failsafe) in this biscuit recipe create a pretty 'stained glass window' effect. [recipe link]

Reindeer Tarts

Domestic Diva: I was loving all the different cute little Christmas treats that looked like Reindeer’s. None of them suitable for the Failsafe diet, so I decided to try to create my own. They are basically a very easy caramel tart, and yes I cheated and used caramel top n fill! You can certainly try making your own caramel, but I was after a quick fix to whip something up for my daughters prep Christmas party. Miss 3 had lots of fun helping me make these, our attempt is very rustic, but I think they look cute. [recipe link]

Dangers of dried fruit from Fed Up

Dried fruit is probably the single biggest source of sulphur dioxide your children will ever encounter, although if they are affected, it is unlikely that either you or your doctor will make the connection.
In Australia, dried fruit can contain extremely high amounts of sulphites – 3,000 parts per million (ppm) compared to 1,000 ppm in the EU, and far higher per serve than any other food consumed by children. Figures from actual analyses are hard to come by, but government and industry reports say that levels can be close to or over the limit. Analyses by a year 12 chemistry student at a Brisbane High School of dried apricots, peaches and pears found an average sulphite level of 2885 mg/kg. That means an average 200 gm packet of dried fruit would contain 577 mg of sulphur dioxide, or 144 mg per 50g serve.

See below for comparison with other possible sulphite sources for children (sulphite levels are very variable):
~ dried fruit 16 mg in one dried apricot
~ sausages 8 mg in half a thin sausage
~ drinks 5 mg in one glass of cordial
~ hot chips 1 mg in half a cup of hot chips
To put that into perspective, the Acceptable Daily Intake for a 10-year-old weighing 21kg is just 15mg of sulphite per day. That is ONE dried apricot. [read more]


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