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Merry Christmas Have a safe & blessed time with your family and friends.

Pavlova Grazing Board

Charocuterie boards are usually savoury and far from failsafe. But a few Christmases ago, my mum and I put together a sweet Pavlova one that was a huge hit. Sadly it was all consumed before I thought to get photos of it at the time. This is something that you can easily pull off yourself, looks amazing and wow all your family and friends. It is fun to watch everyone create their own pavlova masterpiece.

Some suggestions to include on your Pavlova Grazing board are:

Pre-baked mini pavlovas or meringue nests
Dollop cream
Pouring cream
Ice cream
Caramel sauce
Fresh pears
Stewed pears / coulis
Honeycomb / toffee
Maple / golden / rice syrup
Decaf syrup
Nestle white melts
Pear jam
Carob chips/ buttons / sauce
Carob power, for dusting on top
Crushed Cashews
Cashew cream

If you can have moderate salicylate, add in apple. Banana for moderate amines. High salicylate; lychee, blueberries and mulberries. Mango is high salicylate and amines. Chocolate; very high amines.

Carob Ganache Truffles

A sweet failsafe delight to make for Christmas or gifts for loved ones.
Recipe Link >

Caramel Fudge Reindeer

Caramel Fudge reindeer is one of the cutest things you can make this Christmas. Use Nestle white melts for strict failsafe.
Find out more >

Gingerless Christmas Cookies

These cookies are made like your usual gingerbread, we just need to leave out the spices to be low chemical.
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White Chocolate Caramel Cashew Clusters

An easy no-bake recipe for white chocolate caramel cashew clusters using only 4 simple ingredients. They’re creamy, chewy, crunchy, and buttery!
*cashew limits apply for strict failsafe. Use Nestle melts.
Recipe Link >

Sweetened Condensed Milk Snowballs

Prepared with only five ingredients, Sweetened Condensed Milk Snowballs are light and fluffy, and only slightly sweet. They look plain and drab, but they are quite delicious, very easy to make, and extremely budget friendly too!
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Caramel & Pear Trifle

Trifles make the best desserts for our hot Aussie summer Christmas. Layers of deliciousness, love and nostalgia.
My grandma used to make a mean trifle every Christmas, it was the best! Sadly I never managed to get a recipe for it. I have always wanted to try making trifle, it really is a dish that you can let your imagination run wild with
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Brown Butter - Brown Sugar Cookies

So let's add some flavor to the party, shall we? How about browning that butter so our cookie has a nutty, deep caramel flavor?
*Leave out food colouring or use hoppers if tolerated.
Recipe Link >

A Gingerbread House

Without the ginger...
I was completely unsure if this would work, gluten free baking can tend towards brittle and crumbly and there was a chance it would lack the structural integrity needed to hold its own weight. But it did work.
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Herb & Garlic Cheese Ball

Cheese balls are great for entertaining any time of the year. They look great on a platter and can be easily adapted to suit your allergies or intolerances. Dress them up for Christmas or special occasions with ribbon.
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Vermicelli and Poppy Seed Salad

Low FODMAP and failsafe. A delicious salad with Christmas colours. Perfect accompaniment for a Christmas spread.
Recipe Link >

BBQ Whole Chicken

Cooking a chicken in the BBQ is quicker than the oven, which helps reduce amines. Plus you are not heating your house up with the oven on during the hot Aussie summer.
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Elimination Christmas Dinner

A gluten & dairy free, low salicylate & low amine roast chicken Christmas feast.
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Looking for more Christmas Recipe Inspiration?

Don't forget to check out the Failsafe Christmas PINTEREST board for lots more great Failsafe Diet suitable Christmas recipes that you can share with your family and friends. Link >

Fact Sheet

Christmas food – and how to deal with it

FED UP: Christmas party food can cause health and behaviour problems. Culprits can include nasty food additives or "healthy” fruit e.g. berries, grapes, citrus. After Christmas can be a good time to try diet.
Read more >

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