March 2023 #73

Everyone loves Pizza!

In this edition:

Failsafe Pizzas

Ideas for toppings to suit everyone,
Savoury and sweet


Easter is around the corner...
lots of great ideas and recipes
to get you prepared.

Pear and Caramelised Leek Pizza

Domestic Diva: This pizza is Pear, Caramelised Leek with a philly cheese garlic sauce, drizzled with rice malt syrup and garnished with fresh parsley. Delish!

This blog post also has lots of other failsafe pizza ideas, starting from the bases (including GF and bought ones), to the sauces and an extensive list of possible toppings.

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Thermomix recipes:
Pizza dough use failsafe suitable oil like rice bran, not olive oil.
Thin Crust Pizza Dough This is an American Cookidoo recipe. use failsafe suitable oil.
Gluten-Free Pizza Dough This is an American Cookidoo recipe. use failsafe suitable oil and leave out the vinegar.
Bakers Delight Pizza Bases These can be purchased in packs of two, handy for the freezer.
Traditional recipes:
Maggie Beer’s Basic Pizza Dough Use failsafe suitable oil.
5-Ingredient Quinoa Pizza Crust Gluten free. Use failsafe suitable oil.
Express pizza dough Women’s Weekly Food Use failsafe suitable oil.

Chicken and Potato Pizza

Cooking for Oscar: From our very first week of the elimination diet, home made pizzas have been a bit of a staple. We usually make them after having a roast chicken (using the leftovers). Link includes more pizza ideas.
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Thermomix Pizza

Thermomix Recipe Community: "Failsafe" Gluten, Dairy, Soy and Egg* free Pizza base + topping suggestions. Can be used to make "pizza pockets" by putting filling inside. Bake almost like a pastie.
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Bubble and Squeak Pizza

Real Meals: Bubble and Squeak?? If you're English or Australian, you probably know Bubble and Squeak as "What we do with leftovers from a roast dinner". And you'd be right.
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Garlic Pizza Bread

Brush a pizza base with a little oil and fresh minced garlic, you can add dried chives and parsley if you like extra flavour. Cook for approx 10 - 15 minutes. Keep a stash of the pizza dough in the freezer, easy to take one out to whip up to enjoy with pasta dish for dinner.

Hommus & Veg Pizza

Real Meals: Hommus and left over veg on a pizza, a great vegetarian option.
(*The veg listed on this post are not suitable for strict failsafe).
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GF Garlic Bread Pizza

Gluten Free Cuppa Tea: Gluten free garlic bread pizza recipe! It's thin, crispy and you'd never know it was gf EVER. It's also low FODMAP and vegan/dairy free too.
*leave out pepper for failsafe.
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Creamy Garlic Chicken & Seafood Pizza

Domestic Diva: Tender chicken and succulent seafood with my "claytons" failsafe Alfredo sauce on a pizza.
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5-Ingredient Quinoa Pizza Crust

Oat Meal With a Fork: A delicious, gluten-free alternative to wheat crusts that is healthy, filling, and full of protein! * Use failsafe suitable oil.
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Lamb and Pesto Pizza

Domestic Diva: Leftover lamb roast with the Celery pesto on a pizza. This pizza is also delicious made with deli chicken.
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Caramel Apple Pizza

Simply Stacie: A quick dessert idea. Tined or fresh pear for failsafe, use as is or stew them. (apples are mod sals ) and a tin of caramel top n fill.
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Pear Crumble Pizza

Domestic Diva: A quick easy dessert you can make ahead of time and cook just before serving. Delicious warm with cream or ice cream.
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Failsafe "S'mores" Pizza

Domestic Diva: An ooey gooey fun dessert with caramel, carob buttons and roasted melted marshmallows. Best served warm straight from the oven.
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Gluten Free Hot Cross Buns

Kerstens Kitchen: Simple and easy to make gluten free hot cross buns.
Recipe Link >

It’s bun time!

Cooking for Oscar: I have three hot cross bun recipes – pear buns, fruit buns and choc-chip (carob buttons and white melts work as well).
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Chicks on a Muesli Bar Nest

Domestic Diva: I thought I would share with you a few ideas that we do at Easter time to take the stress out of the treats, Chicks on a Muesli Bar Nest.
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At The Failsafe Table - Easter Cashew Crescent Biscuits

Easter Cashew Biscuits

At The Failsafe Table: Recipe by Tanja Janecek. They are totally delicious! Based on a traditional Croatian European Easter almond biscuit, these are made with cashews to make them suitable for the failsafe diet.
Recipe Link >

Italian Mini Ricotta Easter Pies

She Loves Biscotti: Southern Italian Easter desserts usually include ricotta, and this Italian dessert stuffed with ricotta is a delicious example.
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For more failsafe Easter Ideas...

Check out the Failsafe Table Pinterest page. Full of Failsafe Easter recipes, Easter hunt, crafts and decorating ideas!
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Fed Up Fact Sheet

Amines and specific symptoms: behaviour, migraines, depression and other symptoms, a possible link with schizophrenia

All foods are made up of hundreds of naturally occurring compounds that can have varying effects on us, depending on how much we eat and how sensitive we are.

Biogenic amines are formed by the breakdown of proteins in foods. They can affect mental functioning, blood pressure, body temperature, and other bodily processes. Some hormones, such as adrenaline (epinephrine) are compounds containing an amine. There are many different amines, including:
tyramine (e.g. in cheese)
histamine (e.g. in wine)
phenylethylamine (e.g. in chocolate)
agmatine, putrescine, cadaverine, spermidine (e.g. in decomposing fish)
adrenaline (ephinephrine)

Research suggests that about 70 per cent of children with behaviour problems are affected by salicylates, artificial colours and preservatives, compared to only about 40 per cent affected by amines. Many mothers have reported that their child becomes silly and hyperactive on salicylates whereas amines make them aggressive. In our experience, children who are expelled from day care centres due to aggressive behaviour are usually sensitive to amines as well as to other food chemicals.
Find out more >
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