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This edition is all about lunches! Whether you are going to work or sending the kids to school, a tasty lunch will bring home empty lunchbox containers and enough fuel to get through a full day. Check out 'In the Spotlight' below for helpful tips to get through school or kindy while failsafe. When my youngest was in prep, she was an incredibly fussy eater (nothing has changed really!), she refused all vegetables and pears so morning 'fruit' snack was hard to come up with until we discovered that she loved steamed or roasted Brussels sprouts with garlic salt. This became her staple until other children eventually wore her down with their constant "yuck" comments. It was nice while it lasted! School can be a nightmare with food sharing, peer pressure, events and birthdays. I hope all the recipes in this edition and tips inspire you. Valentines day is the 14th February, have also included a few fun printable notes to pop into your families lunchboxes.

I am excited to say that there are three guest bloggers this edition! Melanee has two delicious recipes, Danielle has made sweet truffles and Laura has been busy creating her own failsafe blog called Simply Failsafe. Well done Laura, it looks fab!

My favourite event this month is Chinese New Year on the 16th February. I love Asian food and it was something I really missed once starting failsafe. There is an Asian inspired failsafe board on pinterest with 36 pins. Check them out here.
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--- Lets Eat ---


Friendly Falafels

{vegetarian and gluten, dairy, nut, egg and soy free}

Simply Failsafe: "Failsafe Falafels. Um, you mean boring balls of veg. Can they be done successfully without all the spice and pomp? Yes, yes they can.
What is my measure of success? Both my kids woofed it down for lunch and with a mouth full of hummus (aka falafel sauce), my toddler Jack said “v’ese are so yummo mum!” and then giggled to himself because he said 'yummo' instead of 'yum'. What a kid!
For someone who has been more picky than ever lately (I think this whole diet thing is starting to wear thin...I don’t blame him)...this was a wonderful result!" [recipe link]

~ My favourite exercise is a cross between a lunge and a crunch, I call it 'lunch'.

Milky Bar Cheesecake

by Melanee

Milky Bar Cheesecake by Melanee
Failsafe Table Guest Blogger: This deliciously decadent cheesecake is minimally adapted from this recipe by Sarah Tuck. It has a luscious texture and is great for special occasions – no one would guess it was Failsafe. It can also be made as cupcakes and it freezes well. [recipe link]

Pear and Oat Slice

My Food Book: This pear muesli bar slice is not from a failsafe blog and the only non failsafe ingredient is cinnamon (very high salicylates), so leave it out for strict failsafe. This recipe is dairy free. [recipe link]

Chicken & Quinoa Salad

Chicken & Quinoa Salad
Gluten Free Nutrition: A delicious salad to take to work for lunch or to pack for the kids for a change from sandwiches. Gluten & Dairy free and Low Salicylate & Amine. [recipe link]

Fresh Mommy Blog

- fabulous and fun lunchbox free printable


Real Deli Chicken

Real Meals: On a facebook group, one person asked for some 'chicken-y school lunch ideas'. Along came Meredith H. with her very simple answer. She soaks chicken in brine, poaches it... and as easy as that you have a very commercial-tasting 'Deli Chicken' with no cruddy ingredients what-so-ever. Her kids call it 'white bacon'... we played around with 'chacon', 'bicken'... and the winner is Real Deli Chicken. [recipe link]

Maple Shortbread Biscuits

{gluten, dairy, nut, egg and soy free}
Simply Failsafe: "Delicious 'buttery' (without the butter), maple sweetened shortbread biscuits that will please both failsafe and non-failsafers alike. These biscuits are allergy friendly and perfect snack for little people's lunch boxes and big people's bellies.
This recipe is inspired by a vegan recipe I found online and must be one of the most simple and yummy biscuit recipes out there. With pantry and staple fridge ingredients you can create these delicious biscuits in no time!" [recipe link]

Choko Muffins & Poached Chokos

Cooking for Oscar: "Chokos are something that I have recently started experimenting with. Chokos are surprisingly easy to cook with, they can be eaten as both fruit and a vegetable, and take on the flavour of whatever they are cooked with". [recipe link]

Philly Herb Dip

Domestic Diva: Dips make perfect snacks for work or school lunches. This recipe has pureed pear in it, perfect if you have any non fruit eaters! [recipe link]

Rice Paper Rolls

rice paper rolls
Rice paper rolls are a great lunch idea and a perfect way to use up left overs.
Check out Real Meals rice paper rolls and Gluten Free Nutrition's rice paper wraps recipe.

Failsafe Caramel Carob Truffles/Balls

by Brown

At The Failsafe Table - FS Caramel Carob Truffles
Failsafe Table Guest Blogger: “We reintroduced diary and I’m so excited that we can include milk in our diet. To celebrate I adapted a favourite chocolate truffle recipe.”
Thermomix and traditional methods included. [recipe link]

Failsafe, gluten, dairy, soy, nut, egg *and* gum free Bread

Failsafe Foodie: "In the real world making a successful loaf of bread is no big deal unless you are seriously challenged in the kitchen, but making an edible loaf of failsafe, gluten, dairy, soy, nut, egg *and* gum free bread is a different story. When I cut open that little roll and had a bite I honestly did a dance of joy." [recipe link]

It is more fun to talk to someone who doesn't use long difficult words but rather short, easy words like "what about lunch?"
~ Winnie The Pooh

Real Housemoms Blog

- Printable lunchbox notes.


Vanilla “milkshake”

by Melanee

Vanilla “milkshake” by Melanee
Failsafe Table Guest Blogger: This is a super-simple, refreshing treat. I think it tastes like a “real” vanilla milkshake, but without all the sugar. [recipe link]

Chicken Filled Buns

Domestic Diva: This is a fantastic lunch box idea. It is a huge hit with my two school aged kids and even my husband to take to work for his lunch. The best thing is, they freeze well and defrost in time for lunch. [recipe link]

Cous Cous and Roasted Vegetable Salad

Cooking for Oscar: "This is my current favourite salad, it’s great for those milder summer and autumn days and is very quick and easy to make. Even easier if you have left over roast vegetables." [recipe link]

Healthy Vanilla Marshmallows

{gluten, dairy, nut, egg and soy free}
Simply Failsafe: "These vanilla marshmallows are a healthy version of the ones you can buy at the supermarket. They are super, super easy to make and are simply made with gelatin, rice malt syrup, vanilla extract and rolled in arrowroot flour. That’s it!! Failsafe and healthy…perfect for birthday parties, lunch boxes, afternoon teas, toasting on the fire or melting in a cup of hot chocolate. Mmm." [recipe link]

Custard and Pear Tarts and Fruit and Ricotta Pin Wheels

Cooking for Oscar: These are two very easy, quick ideas for dessert or a snack that the kids can help make (see my little helper !). I love fruit and pastry, so these are a variation on my Simple Fruit Tarts recipe that I use when I’ve got enough left over pastry, or just an extra sheet lying around. [recipe link]

Elimination Diet at school & playgroups

It can be hard to remain in strict elimination while the family attends school, play dates and playgroups. Food temptations can be everywhere you turn. Planning ahead can keep you one step ahead. Write a letter to the teacher explaining the failsafe diet and that you would greatly appreciate their help, support and warning in advance of activities that involve food. Ensure you always have suitable snacks on hand, make double and freeze. There seems to be the tradition of making cupcakes to share with the class at birthdays. Keeping a stash of clearly labelled failsafe cupcakes and/or homemade iceblocks in the freezer at school or kindy helps for the unexpected birthday celebrations (with classes of 25+ this is a regular occurrence throughout the year). As frustrating as it is for failsafe families, there are those who like to give out lollies as rewards, keep a small jar of failsafe treats handy in the classroom just in case.

Fed Up Fact Sheets:

Playgroups and food sharing
Failsafers often comment about the problems of taking food intolerant children to playgroup. It’s hard to keep a child on a restricted diet while surrounded by endless temptations of non-failsafe food and for children with true life-threatening allergies, it can be even more of a nightmare. But you don’t have to avoid playgroups. The aim of playgroups is caring and sharing and while all groups are autonomous and work differently, some groups are prepared to work together to help their members. For many children, a few simple guidelines can make the difference between avoiding or enjoying playgroup. [read more]

Please don't feed my child
Chris’s mother had finally discovered that her son’s behaviour was related to what he ate, but found she couldn’t keep Chris on his new diet without support at school. So she decided to write a plea for help. [read more]

Resources for schools and school canteens/tuckshops
Great information and success stories of tuckshops and schools going additive free. [read more]

When schools reduce additives in various ways, they always see positive results.
In the most publicised program, UK celebrity chef Jamie Oliver introduced fresh, natural, additive-free food to 160,000 London schoolchildren. After one month of Jamie’s dinners at Wingfield Primary School, teachers reported an improvement in concentration, reading, writing, the children were calmer and none of the asthmatic children had needed their medication at school since the trial began, as seen in the Jamie’s School Dinners DVD.
In Canberra, Teeball coach Sheryl Sibley asked her Under-10 Girls Teeball team to go additive free two weeks before the 2004 competition. Sheryl's team went on to win all 9 matches in 3 days to become undefeated ACT champions. 'These were all normal kids who had never been diagnosed with anything”, said Sheryl, “yet the parents could see a difference. The girls showed exceptionally sustained skill, focus and teamwork, beyond what you would expect for their age'. [read more]

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