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Welcome to the March 2018 edition of our Newsletter!

I know Easter isn't until the end of the month, but it comes before the next edition of the newsletter is released and when it comes to the failsafe diet, it pays to be prepared! This edition there are recipes and hints to make Easter easier for you. If you are ordering Failsafe Easter Eggs, don't leave it to the last minute. Carobana orders close today (Friday 2nd). You can also get them from Allergy Train. See below for more info.

Easter can be a great opportunity to do an amines challenge. See the "In the spotlight" section for more info on challenges. Remember to always check ingredients, ensure that the eggs you buy don't contain lots of other ingredients or you won't get a true result on your amines challenge. Challenges are best done under the care of a dietitian familiar with failsafe. You can find a list of Failsafe-friendly dietitians from the Fed Up web site here.

Have a fabulous month!

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Classic Crème Caramel

SBS Recipes: "This is my all-time favourite dessert. For years I’ve made it with a half cream and half milk, which is the recipe I inherited from Mum and grew up eating. It was only about six years ago a French friend told me that a traditional crème caramel uses only milk – the result, a much lighter, even silkier custard. It’s up to you how far you want to take your caramel – I prefer a lovely, rich mahogany." Poh Ling Yeow [recipe link]

~ One can not think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well' Virgina Woolf.

Failsafe Easter Eggs

To purchase failsafe Easter eggs, check out Allergy Train and Carobana.
Allergy Train you can search by not only failsafe, but dairy free, gluten free, nut free, soy free and more to find the perfect treats. Carobana orders close today, so jump on now if you are planning on ordering through them.

Carob Chip Hot Cross Buns

Cooking for Oscar: Delicious carob hot cross buns. If doing an amines challenge, you can use chocolate. [recipe link]

Just for Easter, Chicks on a Muesli Bar Nest

Chicks-on-a-Muesli-Bar-Nest-300x225 (1)
Domestic Diva: Easter is just around the corner and it can be hard to find special treats for kids on the Failsafe diet this time of year. Shops are stocked full of amazing looking chocolates which are very high in amines and can cause huge reactions. It requires a little creative genius to come up with some wonderful and fun alternatives. [read more]

Rice Bubble Easter Eggs

Cooking For Oscar: "Easter is fast approaching (it’s too early this year) and it feels like Easter eggs have been in the shops since Boxing Day. Easter is hard on the elimination diet and there aren’t a lot of non-chocolate options around. These cute little rice bubble eggs are super easy to make. Nestle White Melts aren’t chocolate so they are suitable for the Elimination and FAILSAFE diets." [recipe link]

Italian Sweet Ricotta Easter Pie

She Loves Biscotti: I found this recipe on the blog "She Loves Biscotti". It is not a failsafe blog (and the other recipes mentioned on the page are not failsafe), but this particular recipe for the Italian Sweet Ricotta Easter Pie is suitable for failsafe.
"I present to you Italian Sweet Ricotta Easter Pie or Fiadoni Dolci con Ricotta." [read more]

For more great Easter Ideas, recipes and crafts; Check out the Failsafe Easter Pinterest Board.


Breakfast Potatoes

Breakfast Potatoes
Gluten Free Nutrition: Breakfast Potatoes. Gluten Free & Dairy Free. Looking for something different to have with your eggs for brunch over the Easter break, try these tasty breakfast potatoes. [recipe link]


Real Meals: "I have not eaten a crumpet in aaaaages. Not since going Failsafe, as I never knew how to make them. Then I happened across this recipe on a parenting forum and WOO!! They. Are. Delish." This is a Thermomix recipe but there are directions for traditional methods in the comments. [recipe link]

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt Collage
Domestic Diva has some ideas on doing an Easter Egg hunt when on the failsafe diet. Using plastic eggs that you can fill yourself. You can purchase them from most bargain shops and craft stores. They can fill be filled with failsafe sweets/lollies or trinkets and toys. You can turn it into a fun treasure hunt (check out the printable) or a fitness treasure hunt. even fill with glow sticks or battery operated candles for a night time activity or for entertainment while camping.
If you have older kids that still like to do a hunt, try some of these great Creative Easter Egg Hunting Ideas for Tweens.

Pear Hot Cross Buns

Cooking for Oscar: "It’s that time of year again! That time when I buy a new tin of instant yeast and start making buns – starting with the hot cross kind. I will be making hot cross buns for Oscar this weekend." [recipe link]

Failsafe & Low Fodmap

I know that there are a few members who are struggling to do Failsafe and FODMAP together. Gemma has started a blog that Failsafe, low FODMAP, dairy free and wheat free called Chemical Free Chemist.
There is also a Failsafe and FODMAP board on our pinterest page.

Easter Craft

A fun Easter craft activity using small water bomb balloons (although filled with air, not water), wool soaked in glue and wrapped around the balloon. Allow to completely dry before popping the balloon to get a lovely egg shape.
For more non food craft ideas for Easter check out our Easter Pinterest Board.

Easter Egg Cakes

Domestic Diva: This decadent cake concept is easy to make and can really be used for any occasion, not just Easter. I used an Easter egg shaped cutter but you can use any shape for any occasion and celebration. Trees or bells for Christmas, hearts for valentines day, balloons or any themed shape for a birthday party. [recipe link]

Fish Recipes for Good Friday

Fed Up Website: "Fish and seafood must be very fresh, best eaten within 12 hours of catch or frozen and eaten within 2 weeks (in my experience, supermarket fish and seafood is never fresh enough). White fish or seafood, e.g. snapper, barramundi, whiting, crab, lobster, oysters, calamari, scallops (but not salmon, tuna or prawns). Best from speciality fish shops, fishing co-ops and friends who fish, ask for the freshest and eat that day". [read more]

Fish, Leek & Potato Pie - Gluten Free Nutrition: GF DF Low Gluten Free, Dairy Free, low Salicylate. [recipe link]

BBQ Fish Wraps - Domestic Diva: "BBQ fish in garlic butter, chives and parsley then served in a wrap with salad is our favourite no fuss picnic meal. We came up with this great alternative after our kids started reacting to the antioxidants in the oil or batter from take away fish and chip shops. So instead of getting the shop to cook it, we decided to buy the fish fresh and cook it ourselves on the bbq’s at the park or beach. This is also the way we love to dine on Good Friday". [recipe link]

Sam’s Barra Cakes - Fed Up: "Barramundi is the iconic fish from Australia’s Top End, also known as Sea Bass. If you can’t get fresh Barramundi, any fresh white boneless fish fillets will do. For amine responders, fish must be very fresh, not frozen". [recipe link]

Fish Stir Fry - Cooking for Oscar: "Fish stir fry has been a bit of a constant in our house. Not made every week, it is one of those recipes that I have been trying to perfect since the early days, so keep revisiting. I think I finally have it right now – thank’s to Failsafe Foodie’s Magic Sauce. Because this recipe is so old it has low salicylate/amine options and higher options. Fish needs to be very fresh, and white, to be low in amines. Older white fish or salmon can be used for an amine challenge". [recipe link]

Hints for challenges from Fed Up

This information is intended to support people who are following the RPAH (Royal Prince Alfred Hospital) elimination diet supervised by a dietitian.
Your dietitian's booklet will tell you exactly what to eat and how much to eat of it during your challenges.
The key is to concentrate on one food chemical at a time and to eat lots of it. As a rule of thumb, 3 days for artificial additives and 7 days for natural chemicals such as salicylates; however, we find that people may need longer for bread preservative 282 (5-7 days or more) and at least 10 days for milk.
The rules of challenge that your dietitian will recommend are:
  • Several days without symptoms before each challenge (ask your dietitian – usually it's 3-5 days)
  • Stick strictly to the elimination diet. Start again at the beginning (several days without symptoms) if you make a mistake.
  • Stick strictly to the challenge foods on your dietitian's list.

    This Fact sheet covers:
The rules of challenge
Some common mistakes
Keep a challenge diary
Types of food reactions
If you pass the challenge
Salicylate challenge
Amine challenge
If you react to both salicylates and amines …
After challenges, what's your tolerance?

[read more]

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