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Welcome to the May 2018 edition of the Newsletter!

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Mother's Day is on the 14th May, the second Sunday in May. Every mum is unique and wonderful, this event may only come once a year, but a great reminder to make sure we take the time to honour the amazing mums and women who impact our lives. Those who have taken the steps to do the hard yards with failsafe to make life better for your family, well done! You are doing great and we are all cheering you on. The struggle is real, especially when family and friends just don't get it and question or undermine your decisions. Also, celebrate when family who support your decisions and try their hardest to accommodate.

This edition has some great breakfast ideas to spoil mum with breakfast in bed and some brunch recipes for a lovely lazy day.

Food Allergy Awareness week is from 13-19 May. You can find more information in this below and also the fact sheet from Fed Up about "Food allergy or food intolerance?"
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Jersey Caramel Cookies

Play Bake Smile: Ever since I was little, I’ve loved Donna Hay’s recipes (especially her sweet ones!). I have so many of her cookbooks on my bookshelf! I just love how simple and yummy her recipes are. Anyway, a few weeks ago, I came across her recipe for Jersey Caramel Cookies and knew I had to make them. Immediately!!!!
There are tradition and Thermomix methods in this link. [recipe link]

~ 'A mothers menu consists of two choices, take it or leave it.' ~ Buddy Hackett

Carob Bean Brownies

Simply Failsafe: These carob brownies have two secret ingredients. Firstly, they contain a whole tin of black beans (don’t get put off by this. It’s pretty amazing).
Secondly, they have a single shot of decaf coffee in them. There is something quite magical about the flavour combination of coffee (decaf) and carob. Almost chocolate-esk. Almost. {gluten, dairy, soy and nut free. contains eggs). [recipe link]

Baked French Toast

Domestic Diva: I stumbled upon this recipe for a French Toast Bake. It looked like a wonderful way to do breakfast by having it all prepared the night before and popping it in the oven in the morning. We have only just finished having this for our lazy Saturday morning breakfast, it was so good and a hit with our whole family that I had to share my discovery with you. I used a normal loaf of bread from the bakery, but you could use your favourite loaf… and I am wondering how it would go with gluten free bread and rice milk for those who are gluten and dairy free. [recipe link]

Crepes with Vanilla pears

Failsafe Foodie: A recipe for delicious gluten free crepes with vanilla pears. These are perfect to spoil mum for breakfast or dessert or any time really! [read more]

Gluten free toasted muesli

Mind Your Feed: "The kids have been getting rather bored with breakfast of late so this encouraged me to get off my bum and make my muesli, I had made muesli once before but it was full of oats and other stuff that the kids can no longer eat, so I must say, I was a little concerned that this batch was going to be somewhat uninteresting to them. Nothing ventured nothing gained, I say. Well I’m pleased to say, they LOVED it. I couldn’t get them to stop eating it as an after school snack. I had to tell them there’d be none left for breakfast if they didn’t keep their fingers out!" [recipe link]
Mother's day Craft Link

Pear and White Chocolate Muffins

Pear and white chocolate Muffins 3
Cooking for Oscar: These muffins are based on the Pear Muffin recipe in the Friendly food cookbook. [recipe link]

TM5 poached eggs in shell

This is my favourite way to do poached eggs in the Thermomix. They are cooked in their shells perfectly and always slide straight out in one one piece. The recipe is for 2 eggs, but I have successfully done it with 6. [recipe link]

Semolina pudding / porridge

Fed Up: Semolina is a coarsely ground durum wheat and is particularly high in protein. It can be served as a breakfast porridge or pudding. As an option you can add permitted chopped fruit and nuts .e.g. pears and cashews. Andie writes ‘My kids love this – I serve it as a dessert and sometimes as a very quick meal, when I'm too lazy to cook or have nothing else in my pantry! (not suitable for gluten free diets). [recipe link]

Sago and potato fritters

Jejune's Place: This is my adaptation of the Indian saboodana wada recipe from Mr Todiwala's Bombay cookbook. These are sago and potato fritters, with peanuts, cumin seeds, coriander leaves, lime, and chilli. Naturally those ingredients are out on a failsafe diet, so I created this adaptation. The fritters have a great texture, sort of glutinous and chewy, with a crispy shell. Very moreish! [recipe link]

Green tacos with crispy chicken strips, slaw and chive mayo

Simply Failsafe: It’s crunchy, saucey, fresh and delicious! Using iceberg lettuce for the taco is brilliant (thanks Pinterest). It’s the quickest and healthiest gluten free taco too. [recipe link]

Breakfast Biscuits

Bird seed tweet: They are delicious served with a carob sauce. Or make a carob hot-“chocolate”. Delush!!! Gluten Free. [recipe link]
Food Allergy Week (FAW) aims to raise awareness of food allergy including potentially fatal food allergies. Allergy & Anaphylaxis Australia (A&AA) is calling on all Australians to unite during Food Allergy Week from 13-19 May 2018, and for individuals to Be Aware. Show You Care. [read more]

Food allergy now affects one in 10 infants and about two in 100 adults in Australia. Some children may outgrow their allergy, however some adults develop their food allergy later in life after eating the food without a problem for many years. The severity of an allergic reaction can be unpredictable although someone who has previously had a severe reaction to a particular food is more likely to have another severe reaction to that food. Someone who has a previous mild reaction to a food is less likely to have a severe reaction but the possibility is still there.
Get involved this Food Allergy Week! There’s plenty of ways to show your support and help raise awareness for food allergies. Here are a few of the ways you can show support:
  • Educate yourself and others by sharing Food Allergy Week content with friends, family and workplaces through social media channels. Check out our free downloadable resources here and don’t forget to hashtag #allergyaware.
  • Paint one nail to symbolise that one in 10 babies born in Australia today will develop a food allergy and post a pic on your social media channels using #allergyaware.
  • Download a badge here and make it your profile picture on social media during Food Allergy Week to show your support.

Food allergy or food intolerance? From Fed Up

It is important to distinguish food allergy from food intolerance and understand the differences between them.
Food allergy is an immunological reaction to food proteins.
Food intolerance is a pharmacological reaction (like the side effects of a drug) to the chemicals in foods. [read more]


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