Welcome to the March 2015 edition of our Newsletter!

Easter is just around the corner (the supermarkets have been reminding us of that fact for months now), so in this edition we have links of where to purchase your failsafe Easter treats. The April edition will cover more Easter recipes and the link to our Easter pinterest board is below.

St Patricks day is also coming up on the 17th March. We have included a few recipes to get you in the green and celebrate all things Irish. For failsafe alternatives, pull out decorations like green table clothes, plastic plates & cups and serviettes rather than colouring your food.


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Potato and Leek soup from Failsafe Foodie

This soup is such an obvious failsafe choice and one that we didn't even try until our second failsafe winter. My boy never liked soups, so I didn't even bother at first. Now he loves this one and it makes great leftovers. Since there are no amines in it, it can be kept in the freezer longer than meaty leftovers. Bonus! Last winter he took this to school for lunch in a little thermos tub with some gluten free bread to dunk in it. [read more]


Lamb & Barley Stew

Real meals has a great Irish stew full of hearty goodness in a nourishing one-pot stew.


Easter Shopping

Have you thought about Easter yet? You can purchase failsafe Easter eggs on line. Check out Allergy Train for gluten-free, dairy-free, peanut-free, tree-nut free, egg free, Low amine and salicylate Easter eggs.

Carobana has a few different carob sized eggs to choose from too.



Fedup Roadshow talks

Sue Dengate’s Fedup Roadshow 2015 talks. Click on the link to see the full June program. Make sure you go and see them if they are coming to your home town! Invite your friends too. The second leg of the tour still requires help to organise venues, would you like to host them? The list will be updated once all confirmed. [read more]


Irish Potato Bread

Cooking for Oscar has an Irish Potato Bread recipe. The Irish Potato Bread is easy to make and is great as a side dish or with eggs for breakfast. [read more]


Steak & Whiskey Pot Pie

A hearty casserole from Domestic Diva served in a pot with a crisp pastry top. A combination of whiskey and carob syrup help to make a rich, deep gravy sauce for this casserole.  [read more]


Failsafe Easter Pinterest Board

Our Failsafe Pinterest has a board especially  for failsafe Easter Ideas. If you like to be organised well and truly before Easter, have a look for some ideas and inspiration.


Irish Apple (or Pear) Barley Pudding Two Ways

The Apple or Pear Barley Pudding from Cooking in Oscar is really delicious, and if you have the time or inclination, can be be presented very fancily. A great looking dessert to serve if you are entertaining. [read more]


Green Smoothie

A green smoothie from Domestic Diva. "Drink it just with chilled water added as a refreshing drink or if you prefer to have it with something sweeter like lemonade or even with soda water. [read more]


Failsafe Meal Plans

"Meal planning for sensitive tummies"

Do you get stuck trying to get your head around planning ahead what to feed your beautiful family each week? Meal Plans has done a lot of the hard work for you by providing failsafe weekly menu plans with links to recipes.  [read more]


Failsafe Sautéed Chokos

A recipe from Jejune's Place blog. "This was Choko sautéed western-style. I made a few ingredient changes, and it turned out quite well, I must say. A good crisp texture, with a lovely buttery and lemony taste. Even Hubby, who doesn't like chokos either, said it was the best choko he'd ever had (from a lifetime of disappointments)." [read more]


Gardening Spotlight


Chives are a wonderful failsafe herb and easy to grow. have you considered growing them in your garden?

"They are the most versatile of herbs. They’ll grow in just about any climate and, can fit themselves into quite compact spots. For example, chives make a tidy edging along garden beds." You can read more about them on Yates.com.au

Now is a great time to plant chives, here is a link to Growing chives in Australia. You can even set it to your climate zone for more information.



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