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For most, July means winter school holidays! This edition we have some fun recipes to make with the kids, fun activities and winter warming meals and soups to suit the whole family! If you are planning on getting some baking done with the kids, check out some of our Failsafe Pinterest boards for some tasty recipes! 

For our American followers, Happy 4th July! Enjoy your Independence Day Celebrations.

If you are travelling these holidays, stay safe and have a wonderful relaxing break.


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Beef Casserole

The cool weather has really set in now and I have to admit that I rather like it. I like scarves and warm coats, heaters and hot drinks and I really like winter food. It's quite lucky that failsafe food lends itself so well to delicious warm meals. Inspiration can be hard to come by in summer, but not winter, far less thought is required to come up with something that hits the spot. This casserole definitely hit the spot. ~ Failsafe Foodie.

  [read more]


Lamb Roast with a Celery Pesto Crust

Lamb is my favourite meat to roast. Usually I do it au-natural, but this time I decided to make it a little more special. The pear seemed to give the meat a beautiful sweetness and the celery pesto was a perfect touch. Everyone gave it the thumbs up. ~ Domestic Diva   [read more]

Chipped Potatoes

Potatoes are a staple on the FAILSAFE / Elimination diet and you can never have enough variations.  Oscar loves these, so I’m sure they be’ll a hit with your family too. ~ Cooking for Oscar. [read more]


Chicken Balls and Noodles in Broth

Dinner tonight needed to be something light,  for my visitors who had already been out for lunch.  But it also needed to fill the frillypantii tummies.  An idea for some sort of Asian style broth was forming...  (not that I know anything about Asian cooking)... where people could choose to go heavy on the broth or heavy on the fixings. Well, this absolutely worked a treat!  I am so pleased with this... the kids all had seconds.  I think most of the grown-ups did as well.  Tonight this served 8 people, along with some tasty bread. ~ Real Failsafe Meals  [read more]


GF Salt Dough - How to make fun crafty items to paint

My son's class were making salt dough snakes this week... but with wheat flour, so I created some gluten free dough that would be safe for him to use. ~ Kerstens Kitchen. [read more]


Perfect Waffles – Allergy friendly & delicious

Waffles!!! Need I say more? Everyone in our home, regardless of age, LOVES waffles! I created this recipe by accident, perfect first time, despite just throwing a bit of this & that in. Have made numerous times since & have to say, the BEST thing about this recipe is it makes perfect waffles every time, fluffy inside, crispy outside, super yummy & they don’t stick! Even the gluten-junkie of our family loves them! ~ The Truthful Kitchen.  [read more]


Make your own Snow - Activity

Snow is so much fun and magical! How about making your own snow for the kids to play with during the holidays. All you need is baking soda and water. Cold and crunchy JUST LIKE REAL SNOW!  [read more]


Creamed Rice / Rice Pudding

Rice pudding is divine served either warm or cold for dessert topped with diced pears. ! Cooking for Oscar. [read more]


Roast Vegetable and Lentil Soup

A Tasty winter soup with roasted vegetables, croutons and deli chicken "bacon" to warm you up this winter. ~ Domestic Diva  [read more]


Pear Crumble

This is very easy to make and sometimes I decide to do it at the last stages of meal prep and then have this cooking in the oven while we eat dinner.  Delicious with cream and/or ice cream.  (I hate it when I'm offered a choice... when I want to say "both")  We even had a visitor who adores the traditional apple crumble and didn't even realise this was pear.  Yay. ~ Real Failsafe Meals.  [read more]


Do you Meal Plan each week?

Sometimes it can be hard getting your head around what failsafe meals to make each week. The Meal Plans blog has done all the hard yards for you. Lots of weekly meal plans to choose from. Check them out! [read more]


Fedup Roadshow talks

Sue Dengate’s Fedup Roadshow 2015 talks. Click on the link to see the full program for the August tour and to book your seat. Make sure you go and see them if they are coming to your home town! Invite your friends too.

Newcastle, Sydney, Wyong, Canberra and Albury. Details for Melbourne and Gunnedah to come. [read more]


Gardening Spot

Growing Spring onions. If you live in a sub-tropical part of Australia, now is the time to plant spring onions. They are easy to grow and are great to use in Failsafe cooking. [read more]


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