Welcome to the April 2016 edition of our Newsletter!

April brings school holidays, the start of term 2 and of course Anzac Day which is only a few weeks away on the 25th. This edition we have some typical Aussie recipes that have been converted to Failsafe. Plus some great picnic and BBQ recipes to enjoy with your family over the holidays or long weekend.

My grandparents served during the war, and I am sure you all have family members who have. I am so grateful to them for their service to our country. Honouring them, and all the others who served with them and also to those who continue to serve to make this great country of ours so amazing! Lest We Forget! 

Have a wonderful, relaxing and safe April! 


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Failsafe Foodie -Meringue / Pavlova

"This is a simple recipe, two ingredients, that is it. It bothers me that the commercial ones can contain so many ingredients. Make them large and flat to use for a pavlova. Add 1-2 teaspoons of sifted carob just before piping for variety." [read more]


Potato and Egg Salad

Cooking for Oscar - "My favourite salad is potato and egg. This recipe is really easy, especially if you already have mayonnaise on hand, and you can add other ingredients to this base recipe."  [read more]


Domestic Diva - Failsafe BBQ sauce

"After not having the right ingredients for Pear Ketchup, I came up with this alternative sauce that is now the staple choice to smother our plates in. It is the closest failsafe version I have come to in creating a BBQ sauce." [recipe link]


Vanilla Slice with Pear Icing

Vanilla slice made with Sao biscuits is one of my fondest memories of growing up in Australia. I loved to come home from school and discover my mum had made it for afternoon tea. This recipe from Real meals tastes just like it!

[recipe link]


 Two Anzac Biscuits recipes...

Failsafe Family - "I made a batch of these biscuits each day on the weekend and neither batch lasted the day!!! A very popular, easy to whip up biscuit!" [read more]

Cooking for Oscar - "The ANZAC biscuit came about  during World War 1 when “the wives, mothers and girlfriends were concerned for the nutritional value of the food being supplied to their men. Here was a problem. Any food they sent to the fighting men had to be carried in the ships of the Merchant Navy. Most of these were lucky to maintain a speed of ten knots (18.5 kilometres per hour). Most had no refrigerated facilities, so any food sent had to be able to remain edible after periods in excess of two months. A body of women came up with the answer – a biscuit with all the nutritional values possible." [Cooking for Oscar's recipe link]


Domestic Diva - Sticky Chicken Drumsticks

"Simple; as it is using 2 ingredients… my new BBQ sauce recipe which I whipped up in the Thermomix and chicken. You could use any chicken pieces for this, wings, drumettes, drumsticks, a whole chook, kebabs,  or tenderloins."

Drumsticks can be eaten hot or cold, making them perfect to take along to a picnic or BBQ. [read more]


BBQ butterflied lamb

A leg of lamb, boned, butterflied and marinated, then cooked on the BBQ. Sweet! The recipe for this is from the fed up web site. [recipe link]


Coleslaw is a great side to have with your BBQ, this recipe is also from the fed up web site. [recipe link]


Cooking for Oscar - Herb Damper

"Traditional Australian damper was made by stockmen, drovers, swagmen and others who travelled and lived in the bush.  It was cooked in the ashes of a  camp fire and the traditional ingredients were what they could carry with them - flour, salt, water, and sometimes milk." [read more]


Gluten Free Damper

There are many recipes around for making traditional damper. The great thing is, it's so basic that it's failsafe. This recipe is a great GF version from Southern In Law Blog. [read more]

Another great way to have damper is to wrap the dough around the end of a long stick and cook it over a camp fire. Then drizzle with golden syrup and enjoy straight off the stick.



Real Meals: Chicken-on-a-Stick

"The frillypantii will always give a big "Phwoarrrrr" when I say dinner is 'chicken-on-a-stick'.  Honestly!  It's ridiculous!  I could nicely dice the chicken,  I could present it in full breast pieces,  I could butterfly some breasts...  and still use all the same ingredients.  But add some bamboo sticks?  Yipeee!!!  Crazy, I tell you.

Now,  this dish can be presented anyway you like.  Marinade (eg Fed Up's golden marinade), don't marinade, bbq, grill...  tonight I served it with a nearly failsafe tzatziki, and a quinoa salad." [read more]


Failsafe Road show

Sue Dengate will be travelling to give talks again in August-September 2016. Here is the draft program. Details will be finalised in June 2016 [read more]

Follow the link to see if they are coming to your town, make sure you take your family and friends along to hear more about the Failsafe diet.


How to grow Garlic

A clove or two of garlic will give an exciting new dimension to even the most humble of home cooked meals. What’s more, it’s so easy to grow. Here’s how to produce this highly nutritious and versatile herb in your own garden.
Garlic can be grown from seed, which can be obtained from horticultural suppliers.
 It can also be grown from fresh garlic
 bulbs purchased from your local organic grocer. [read more]



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