Welcome to the May 2016 edition of our Newsletter!

The start of May has seen some colder weather hitting the Eastern states.  Winter is definitely on its way!  With the cooler weather we need hearty, nourishing and warming meals to keep us going.  In this edition we have some great hearty soup and casserole recipes.  Plus, if you're having soup you'll need some bread, so we have three different varieties for you to choose from

Sunday is also Mother's Day.  Whether you're cooking for your own mum, someone else's mum, or will be dropping hints to your partners and children, we have you covered with some delicious ideas.

Have a great weekend, and we hope all the mum's are thoroughly spoilt!


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Nothing keeps the cold weather away quite like soup.  There are so many varieties and if you make a big batch they will do several meals.  Soups are also great in a thermos for work and school lunches.

Chickpeas make great soups.  Cooking for Oscar has a swede and chickpea soup recipe that is great for the elimination diet.  It can be made in a slow cooker or on the stove stop.  [read more]  

Another variation on chickpeas, is Failsafe Foodies' Chickpea and Leek soup.  [read more]

This warm, nourishing vegetable soup from Real Meals is the perfect winter comfort food. This version does contain some moderate salicylate vegetables, but you could leave those out.  [read more]



If you're having soup, then bread is a must have.  We have a couple of variations you might like to try.

This spelt bread recipe from Cooking for Oscar requires no dough hook, no kneading and rises in the fridge over night.  It's easy and delicious. [read more] 

Failsafe can be hard enough, but adding gluten-free makes it a bit more difficult.  Commercial gluten-free breads are not always great, so that means making your own.  After numerous attempts, Failsafe Foodie has developed a failsafe, gluten, dairy, soy, nut, egg and gum free bread that tastes delicious. [read more]

Another bread that doesn't require kneading is this ciabatta from Real Meals.  You'll knead to allow 18 hours for this one to rise!  [read more]


Lamb and Vegetable Casserole

A hearty casserole from Domestic Diva with lots of root vegetables and tender meat.  [read more]


Coq au vodka

This creative version of Coq au Vin (minus the red wine of course) is sure to warm up the whole family this winter.  [read more]


Spoiling Mum

Hopefully there are some Dad's out there subscribing to our newsletter, or Mums leaving the newsletter in prominent places.  Either way, we have some great ideas for Dad's and kids to get into the kitchen and spoil their Mums on Sunday.

Crumpets are one of those things that we usually have to give up on the elimination/FAILSAFE diet (preservative-free crumpets are non-existent).  These home made ones are easy and a sure fire way to spoil Mum at breakfast on Mother's Day. [read more]

This may take a little bit of preparation before Sunday, but wouldn't mum love to have this delicious pear honey with her toast or crumpets in the morning?  [read more]

And of course, a Mother's Day recipe collection would not be complete without pancakes.  Why not try these barley pancakes from at Right to Be Alive? [read more]

Whip up a batch of carob cookies for Mum, and give her some time to relax and put her feet up with a cuppa.  [read more]

A few year's ago, all Rona wanted for Mother's Day was to eat seafood.  What a lucky lady, her husband created this wonderful seafood platter for her.  [read more] 

Wouldn't mum love some lovely little potato dumplings in a "burnt butter sauce"?  This dairy, gluten and egg free recipe is from Lush Little Cooks.  The peas are optional (glutamates).  [read more]


Failsafe Road show

Sue Dengate will be travelling to give talks again in August-September 2016. Here is the draft program. Details will be finalised in June 2016 [read more]

Follow the link to see if they are coming to your town, make sure you take your family and friends along to hear more about the Failsafe diet.


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You can find more great recipes at Cooking for OscarDomestic Diva UnleashedFailsafe FoodieReal Meals and Failsafe Decorated Cakes.

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