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Winter school holidays are underway, or about to start, across the country.  So this month we are bringing you some great recipes to keep the hungry hoards warm and well fed.  And while we're on the subject of kids, this month we're show casing some of the fantastic birthday cakes made by our Failsafe community and shared on Failsafe (or close) Decorated Cakes.  If you've made you're own Failsafe cake we would love you to share it.  Details of how are on the blog.


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Snacks and Treats

Pear Crumble Friands

Domestic Diva adores Friands; they are just a bit more special than a cupcake. A gourmet French cake traditionally made with almonds and egg whites, but as almonds are high in both salicylates and amines  and not suitable for the failsafe diet, these are made with cashews.  [read more]


Yummy Squishy Marshmallows

This marshmallow recipe from Kersten's Kitchen is refined sugar free and can be eaten as is, used as icing for cupcakes, used to sandwich cookies together, or dropped into hot chocolate.  [read more]

Poko Loaf

Most people new to Failsafe wonder what on earth they can do with a Choko.  Usually after figuring out what a choko is!  One of the things you can do is put it in a cake, or loaf to make it a bit different, like this version from Real Meals.  [read more]


Crispy Potato Buns

Prepare these little buns from Right to Be Alive beforehand and in 20 minutes you'll have a warm healthy snack ready for when they come in from the cold.  [read more]  Make sure you replace the onions with leeks to make it Failsafe.


Carob Muesli Bars

This easy no bake slice from Domestic Diva  makes a great special treat for the kids.  [read more]


Mini Calzones

These are called "inside out pizza's" at Cooking for Oscar's place.  This is another simple healthy snack, that can be prepared in advance and be ready in 15 minutes.  The choice of fillings is only limited by your imagination.  [read more]


Custard Mountain Slice

A layered slice using mountain bread, custard and carob icing. Simply divine from Domestic Diva! Its easy to put together, and looks classy as well.  Made two ways, with just plain custard or layers of vanilla and carob custard.   [read more]


Comfort Food

Yorkshire Pudding

Whenever Failsafe Foodie went to her paternal grandparents house for a meal, it was always a baked dinner - roast beef with all the trimmings. Her Nanna would always turn out enormous piping hot Sunday roasts and no roast was complete without a huge tray of Yorkshire pudding. [read more]


Chicken and Leek Pie

This pie from Cooking for Oscar takes a little bit of effort, but is well worth it for that warm comfort food feeling.  An added bonus is that you will have some chicken stock leftover for another time.  [read more]


Sausage Casserole 

This is comfort food in the Real Meals household.  Served with mash and steamed veg.  Make sure you get a good blob of mash on the fork with the sausage and the sauce!  [read more] 

And instead of serving it with plain mashed potato, try it with miracle mash!

Pear and Apple Sponge Pudding

Nothing beats pudding and custard on a cold night in Cooking for Oscar's household.  This one always hits the spot.  [read more]


Birthday Cakes

Birthday's can be difficult on the Failsafe diet, but as these photos prove, our children don't have to miss out on a fantastic cake.  Made from basic Failsafe (or close) ingredients there are cakes ideas suitable for all skill levels.  All these beautiful cakes, and many more can be found at  Failsafe (or close) Decorated Cakes.   We would love to share your Failsafe cake successes as well!

Princess by Kristy

Treasure Chest by Karissa

Lightning McQueen by Chanel

Aircraft Carrier by Cally

Fairy Toadstool by Julie W

Spider by Aaron

Minion Cupcakes by Tash


If you're out and about during the school holidays, a thermos can be a great alternative to the usual packed lunch of sandwiches (this is a great alternative for school as well).  To keep its heat, the food needs to have some liquid, so left over soups, casseroles and pasta are fantastic options, as are 2-minute noodles and warm drinks (see last month's newsletter).  

To keep your food safe though, you need to take some precautions (Safe Sound Family has some safety tips for using your thermos).  To keep your thermos warm and your food at a safe temperature, fill your thermos with boiling hot water, attach the lid and let it sit for 5-10 minutes. Drain the water, quickly wipe it dry (unless you're going to use some of the liquid with the food) and immediately place your piping hot food into the thermos.  Make sure it is well sealed.

To test how hot your thermos stays during the day, fill it with boiling hot water and leave for a few hours or the entire day (try this a few times for different lengths of time).   Check the temperature and you'll have a guide as to how long your food will stay warm.


Failsafe Road show

Sue Dengate will be travelling to give talks again in August-September 2016. Here is the draft program.  [read more]

Follow the link to see if they are coming to your town, make sure you take your family and friends along to hear more about the Failsafe diet.


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Rona, Sandra, Trish and Frilly Pants


"Freezing Fog" Image courtesy of dan at FreeDigitalPhotos.net