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It's our 2nd birthday! Yah! Where did that time go? Although we have had At The Failsafe Table running for longer than two years, this marks the time we set up our own website to call home and launched our official newsletters. Thank you for all your support, shares, comments and likes. It is exciting to see the great impact social media has in being able to reach so many people with a little help and inspiration in your Failsafe kitchen.

To celebrate, this edition has a few recipes to get your dinner parties ready to enjoy with your families and friends. Some decadent cakes and desserts and main meals that will appeal to all. Oh, and don't forget the cocktails! Who said you can't entertain to impress on the failsafe diet?

Have a wonderful weekend.


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Sweet Temptations

Pear Upside Down Cake

Domestic Diva: I was flicking through a magazine that had a beautiful picture of an upside down pineapple cake in it. It looked stunning and I just wanted to grab a fork and dig in. The photo inspired me to make one, but with pears of course to make it suitable for Failsafe! It was a long and fiddly traditional recipe that involved whipping egg whites and many steps that didn’t interest me. I was after something quick, easy and delicious. So I created my own Thermomix recipe from scratch.

I have tried this with both normal plain flour and Gluten Free flour. I used the one from Aldi. Both cakes worked beautifully. For a dairy free version, use nuttelex and rice milk. [read more]


“Lemon” Delicious Pudding

Cooking for Oscar: I can’t believe that in the 3 years since we started on the Elimination diet I have never made Lemon Delicious Pudding!  Well I finally have, using no lemons of course, and it was just as delicious as I remember it. Yummy cake on top, and gooey, lemony pudding below. [read more]




Creme Caramel

Failsafe Foodie: The amazing thing about this is that, besides being incredibly easy, it doesn't taste like rice milk. I have actually made this for visitors who had no idea that it didn't contain dairy until I told them! [read more]

Journal of a french foodie: For a Thermomix recipe that contains dairy, try the creme caramel cooked in the Varoma. Perfect every time. [read more]


Failsafe Toffee Cake

Thank Heavens, The Gluten Free Lifesaver: This gigantor of a cake is both gluten- and (mostly) allergen-free! It is permitted on the Failsafe RPAH strict elimination diet and (even though it’s hard to believe), and it’s OK for the low FODMAP diet if you make the dairy-free version and limit your serving sizes. All in all it can be enjoyed by most people with food allergies and intolerance's. [read more]


Dinners to Impress


Fettucine Carbonara-ish

Real Meals:  Carbonara with 'white bacon' or 'bicken' or 'chacon' (home made deli chicken) that just has to HAVE to have that salty-bacon flavour. [read more]

Serve with tasty Garlic Pizza, also from Real Meals.


Chicken Crêpes

Failsafe Foodie: A GF Crêpe recipe with a delightful dairy free chicken filling. "These are meals that you can serve up to non failsafe guests. No, really. Provincial french food is based on really basic ingredients and it tastes and looks awesome!"  [read more]


 Meatloaf in Sauce

Cooking for Oscar: A healthy meatloaf full of veggie goodness and cooked in Sandra's famous  No-Tomato Sauce. [read more]



Moroccan Lemon Lamb Tagine

FedUp Recipe: Lamb shanks in a scrumptious "lemon" citric sauce cooked with potatoes and swedes. Serve  with cous cous or rice and cooked green beans. [read more]


Crab Dip Canapés with Quinoa Tostadas

Domestic Diva: I wanted to try to create a dish that is suitable for adults, and you wouldn’t be able to guess that it’s Failsafe! These are a perfect canapé for a party or to serve before a dinner. The tostadas suit a more mature taste bud, all the adults I got to sample them loved them, but the kids preferred to have the dip on jatz.

If you are able to get a hold of very fresh crab, this simple recipe is sure to impress. Seafood is best eaten within 12 hours of catch or frozen and eaten within 2 weeks  [read more]


Cocktails & Drinks

Vanilla, Pear, and Vodka Cocktail

This is a delicious cocktail and perfect to serve at a dinner party. This is not from a FS web site and they used pear juice... so puree up some tinned pears in syrup and away you go!  [read more]


Vanilla Spiders

Cooking for Oscar: "One afternoon we all needed something to cool us down.  Rather than just ice cream I made Oscar a spider (also called floats or  ice cream sodas).   I used just vanilla ice cream and lemonade, but if lemonade isn’t tolerated it can be made with ‘Magic Cordial’ (see recipe below) mixed with mineral water or soda water.  Great as a special treat or for special occasions, such as birthday parties." [read more]


Here is the link to Sue & Howard Dengate's latest Fed Up newsletter! A great read with lots of information including "let’s talk about suicide", readers stories, product updates and recipes. [read more]


MSG, MSG boosters, flavour enhancers and natural glutamates

Fed Up: MSG is one of the most widely used additives in the world but most consumers can't recognise glutamate-containing foods and don't know when they or their children are affected.

Adverse effects have been associated with the free glutamates in MSG since it was introduced into Western food in 1948. At first identified as Chinese Restaurant Syndrome, symptoms included burning, numbness, facial pressure, chest pain and headaches. Since then many other reactions have been reported including migraines, diarrhoea, nausea, stomach cramps, asthma, insomnia, depression, heart palpitations, ventricular fibrillation, AF (atrial fibrillation), children's behaviour and attention problems, and many more.

In the mid nineties, three more flavour enhancers called ribonucleotides (627, 631, and 635 which is a combination of 627 and 631) started appearing on supermarket shelves after scientists realised that these chemicals could boost the flavour enhancing effect of MSG up to 15 times.

Unfortunately, these MSG boosters also seem to boost adverse reactions to MSG. These additives were not tested for their effects on consumers before release, and food additive effects are not monitored by food regulators. The Food Intolerance Network Database (FIND) has received numerous reports of reactions to these additives from people who had previously never noticed reactions to MSG. As well as the usual MSG reactions, maddeningly itchy rashes called Ribo Rash are often reported. [read more]

Food companies are getting sneaky. They are aware that more and more people were starting to look out for the 600 numbers in products so now they only list names. Yeast extract is a popular one. Below is a link to a long list to watch out for when checking ingredients.

Here's a list of 129 ways in which the label can hide glutamates


Failsafe Road show

Sue Dengate's road show starts in 2 weeks. Running from 17th August to 5th Sept. Here is the link to the full program and to book your tickets. [read more]

Make sure you invite your family and friends along to hear more about the Failsafe diet.

Coffs Harbour NSW Wednesday August 17
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Canberra ACT Monday September 5


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