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Mother's day is Sunday 14th May! We hope you all have a wonderful day celebrating and all the mum's and grandma's get totally spoilt. We have included a few easy recipes that the kids (and dads) can make to give mum a break in the kitchen. Also some tasty special breakfast ideas so we don't all end up with burnt toast!

The other exciting news is that we have our first two guest bloggers share their recipes with the failsafe community on our web site. Thank you Tanja and Louise. Would you like to see one of your recipes featured? Details are in this newsletter.

 Also coming up this month is food allergy awareness week from 14-20th May. Food allergy now affects one in 10 infants and about two in 100 adults in Australia. The rates are alarming! There are more than 170 foods known to have triggered severe allergic reactions. We have included more info and links below for you.


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Recipes to spoil Mum


Vanilla Butter Cake by Louise Green

Our guest blogger Louise shared her beautiful Vanilla Butter cake. A recipe she collected in the 1990's and has seen many a celebration in her family over the years. Traditional and Thermomix methods included. [read more]


Cashew Crescent Biscuits by Tanja Janecek

These are another guest bloggers handiwork, thanks Tanja. Totally delicious! Based on a traditional Croatian European Easter almond biscuit, these are made with cashews to make them suitable for the failsafe diet. GF & DF [read more]


Crepes with Vanilla pears

Failsafe Foodie has a recipe for delicious gluten free crepes with vanilla pears. These are perfect to spoil mum for breakfast or dessert or any time really! [read more]


Tiger Roll Cake

Domestic Diva: A Swiss roll cake with a difference! The possibilities can be endless with this technique!  [read more]


Bath Bombs!

Cooking for Oscar has a recipe to make your own failsafe bath bombs and Epsom Salt Bath Cubes! Looking for a way to pamper yourself? Get the kids to help you make some and the best bit is they will love bath time as they can use them too. [read more]


New Recipes Urgently Needed!

 I am sure you would all agree, we desperately need some NEW failsafe recipes that are easy to access. Often delicious recipes are shared on facebook groups and get lost in the newsfeed and never to be seen again. We are looking for people who would like to share their recipes with our failsafe community by having them appear as a guest blogger on our At The Failsafe Table web site. Having your recipes on a blog means they can be pinned on pinterest, book marked and easily be found again.

If you have a recipe you would like to share, please email it to admin@failsafetable.com with detailed instructions, photos if you have any (but not essential), and if it was adapted from another recipe please include the original link.

We look forward to seeing your creations!



Serve scones for to mum for morning or afternoon tea on mother's day! This recipe from Real Failsafe Meals is sure to impress. "I have served them up to guests with Pear Jam and whipped cream and they've always been gobbled up." [read more]


Crumpets and Fluffy Breakfast Pancakes

Cooking for Oscar: Every now and then on the weekend we try something different.  The fluffy pancakes are a Jamie Oliver recipe that I saw on TV and he made them with pear, so I had to give them a go.  They can also be made with any other fruit, so are a good for food challenges and re-introduction.  The crumpets recipe was sent to me by one of my readers, Kim, and it took me ages to find the time to try them out, but when I did they were great.  They actually look a bit like english muffins, but muffins  are made with milk and eggs, but once cut in half these look more like what we know of as crumpets only they taste much better. [read more]


Varoma Deli Chicken Eggs with Garlic Mayonnaise

Cook mum breakfast in the Thermomix with this recipe from Domestic Diva. [read more]

Or if you are after a traditional method recipe, try this Eggs Benedict from Failsafe Foodie. [read more]



Crunchworthy has some Wheat, Dairy, Soy, Nut Free and Failsafe quiches perfect for a light supper or picnic lunch on Mother's day. You can add chopped up failsafe sausages or 'Deli Chicken', you could also sub in some of THAT cheese sauce as well! Just note that the option on the recipe for nitrate free bacon is not suitable for the elimination phase of the failsafe diet. [read more]


Australia has one of the highest incidence of food allergy in the world and this is increasing at an alarming rate; in fact, one in 10 babies born in Australia will develop a food allergy. 

With no known cure for food allergy, awareness and education is of utmost importance, as a severe allergic reaction and/or anaphylaxis can rapidly become life threatening, and must be treated as a medical emergency.

It’s important for all Australians to be aware of food allergies, and know how to respond in an emergency situation. A great way to help raise awareness is to get involved in Food Allergy Week and Show You Care. [read more]


Easy Mother’s Day Cards & Crafts for Kids to Make

 Here are a bunch of creative Mother’s Day cards and crafts that kids can make for mum or grandma! Instead of just getting her flowers, add one of these meaningful home made ideas. She will surely LOVE them! [read more]



Please help reject a new way of hiding MSG in foods.

Sue Dengate has started a new petition to FSANZ (Food Standards Australia New Zealand) asking them to not approve a new enzyme because it considerably increases the level of free glutamates (MSG) in your food and will never be shown on the ingredients label because it will be classified as a “processing aid”.

Did you know that MSG (monosodium glutamate and other free glutamates) may cause a wide range of symptoms like migraines and headaches, sleeplessness, rapid heartbeat, tachycardia and arrhythmias, foggy brain and poor memory, arthritis, cravings and weight gain?

MSG will be added to your food and hidden, not shown on the ingredients list, if a new food industry application is approved.

A1136 is a food company application to FSANZ for approval to use a new enzyme Protein Glutaminase as a “processing aid to improve protein functionality in baking, noodle, dairy, meat, fish and yeast products”.

Please follow this link and sign the petition.


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