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I love the opportunity to feature some of our guest bloggers and share their favourite recipes with you. We have delicious new recipes for you to try this edition. This month we feature light meal and snacks to inspire you. Perfect for picnics, lunchboxes, light dinners or for snacks.

I hope you are all having (or have had) a wonderful relaxing holiday! Here in Queensland school goes back on Monday, while I believe some other states still have another week.
Stay safe.


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Light Meals & Snacks


Healthy Spring Rolls by Elizabeth

Guest blogger Elizabeth has shared her baked spring rolls recipe. “I love when you make food and you wouldn’t even know it’s failsafe!” [read more]


Pear & Sour Cream Slice by Sue

Guest blogger Sue: “My grandkids always request I make them this pear slice and I am very happy to oblige – think we enjoy it just as much. They inhale it, it disappears so quickly and they keep coming back for seconds and thirds”. [read more]


Savory Chive Cream Cheese Scones

Melanee has shared her favourite scone recipes for the newsletter. "One of those recipes that make you feel like the diet is not so hard after all. My chef friend wanted the recipe. She also gave me the tip that you can freeze scone dough and cook from frozen".  

Tender, flaky, beautiful and incredibly delicious. I honestly can’t say enough good things about them. [read more]


Failsafe Milky Bar chip cookies

Melanee: "I love this recipe because a) it's the best choc chip recipe I have ever made (the ground oatmeal is the secret ingredient) and b) easy to split and make with milky bar for failsafe and half with dark chocolate for non-Failsafers and c) always popular/often requested." (photo by Melanee)

The recipe is all failsafe except for the chocolate chips. Use milky bar, nestle white melts or carob buttons for failsafe. [recipe link]


FAILSAFE Plain Lip Balm

Lovingly made by a fellow failsafer! Plain lip balm with no unnecessary additives. No scents, no colours, no flavours, no preservatives. Great for those with chemical sensitivities.

This lip balm is suitable for anyone doing the RPAH elimination diet or following the failsafe or feingold diets. It is also friendly for those with amine/histamine intolerance, salicylate intolerance, or reactions to preservatives, colours, flavours or scents.

I have kept this lip balm as simple as possible, using only 3 ingredients: sunflower oil, beeswax and vitamin E. [Purchase here]


Domestic Diva: "Trying to get creative with some more food for my littlest non-eater, I started experimenting with more meals to do with pastry or “pie crust” as she loving calls it. Then I remembered I have a set of 3 different sized samosa makers that I purchased 10 or more years ago and are hiding in the back of the pantry. With these nifty gadgets and pastry, my daughter was excited to help." [read more]


Pita Pockets

Real Failsafe Meals: "I made 8 medium-sized Pita Pockets and then did another batch with Wholemeal flour and made 16 smaller pockets.  They both worked quite well.  The uses for Pita Pockets are many.  We had them for lunch,  with cream cheese and salady bits inside.  You can fill it anyway you like!  Or tear it up to use it to eat dips like hummus.  I even mixed together some cream cheese and No-Tomato sauce and got a whole new sandwich 'condiment' spread!  Another Failsafer said she planned to use them for tacos.  I was impressed!!"

Includes links to traditonal cooking method, Thermomix method and GF version. [read more]


Chicken frittata

Fed Up: This recipe is another variation on hiding the vegetables, Debbie says: “My 6 year old son loved this recipe but I didn't tell him there were brussel sprouts as he tried one the other night and didn't like it.  This recipe is good hot or cold, and a great lunch alternative for school". [read more]


New Recipes Urgently Needed!

 I am sure you would all agree, we desperately need some NEW failsafe recipes that are easy to access. Often delicious recipes are shared on facebook groups and forums then get lost in the newsfeed and never to be seen again. We are looking for people who would like to share their recipes with our failsafe community by having them appear as a guest blogger on our At The Failsafe Table web site. Having your recipes on a blog means they can be pinned on pinterest, book marked and easily be found again.

If you have a recipe you would like to share, please email it to admin@failsafetable.com with detailed instructions, photos if you have any (but not essential), and if it was adapted from another recipe please include the original link.

We look forward to seeing your creations!


Baked Chicken Tenders

Cooking for Oscar: These chicken tenders are easy to make and the crumb is a nice change from coating chicken in plain bread/rice crumbs.  The cooked chicken pieces can be frozen and added to lunch boxes, they would also make great party/finger food. [read more]



Failsafe Foodie: "I have a doughnut maker which takes minimal effort to use. The recipes that come with it are not yeast ones, they just use baking powder which is a bonus with gluten free. This recipe is a basic Gluten and dairy free batter mixture." [read more]


Bubble & squeak

Fed Up: Mix leftover mashed potato and leftover cabbage together. Fry in oil on both sides until brown. Top with chopped chives or parsley


Failsafe Butchers

If you are travelling these school holidays, here is the list from Fed Up of Failsafe butchers to pick up your snags and meat!


320 BHA and other antioxidants

Most people think antioxidants are beneficial, and this is true for antioxidants such as Vitamin C and Vitamin E. However, there are two groups of synthetic antioxidants that can cause nasty side effects: gallates and synthetic antioxidants tBHQ, BHA and BHT. These additives are used in prevent rancidity in fats and oils.

Synthetic antioxidants are widely eaten yet usually overlooked. A small number of consumers react to a single dose, but it is more likely that effects will build up from small doses eaten nearly every day. These additives can be associated with the full range of food intolerance reactions such as irritability, restlessness and difficulty falling asleep; mood swings, anxiety, depression, panic attacks; inattention, difficulty concentrating or debilitating fatigue; eczema, urticaria, contact dermatitis (from cosmetics etc) and other itchy skin rashes; reflux, sneaky poos, bloating, abdominal pain, stomach aches and other irritable bowel symptoms including constipation; headaches or migraines; frequent colds, flu, bronchitis, tonsillitis, sinusitis; stuffy or runny nose, throat clearing, cough or asthma; joint pain and arthritis. [read more]


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