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This month we bring you some failsafe recipes to cook up for Father's day, a great chance to spoil him or throw him in front of the BBQ. A huge HAPPY FATHER"S DAY to all the wonderful dads. You are greatly loved and appreciated! 


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Wombok Salad with Chicken

A beautiful wombok salad that can be a meal in itself with succulent chicken, or have it without chicken as an accompaniment at your next BBQ. 

You can find the full recipe on Domestic Diva's web site. [read more]


Eggs Benedict

Is breakfast your favourite meal of the day? Especially when it can be turned into a lazy brunch on a special occasion like Father's day. Eggs Benedict with a failsafe Hollandaise Sauce is certain to make dad smile. [read more]


Baked Chicken Tenders

These chicken tenders From Cooking for Oscar are easy to make and the crumb is a nice change from coating chicken in plain bread/rice crumbs. A great meal the whole family will enjoy for Father's day. The cooked chicken pieces can be frozen and added to lunch boxes, they would also make great party/finger food. [read more]


Spaghetti Bolognese

"This is FAILSAFE spag bol. NO!  Really!  Honest!!! It all started on 'Cooking for Oscar'. Sandra made a Failsafe 'No-Tomato Sauce'. Luckily,  it was delish!  And SO EASY.  I had already made the No-Tomato Sauce and had it in portions in the freezer.  The rest was dead easy." [read more]


Father's Day Handmade Gift Ideas

Are you after some last minute easy gift ideas that the kids can whip up for dad or grandpa in time for Father's day? Above is a beer stein filled with Werthers Original lollies and topped with marshmallows. A perfect failsafe gift for any man.

After some fun free printables? I Heart Naptime have some great printouts. They include everything you need to create a fun gift for Dad and it’s an awesome activity to do with the kids. They get to draw, play dress up, take photos while they act silly with the photo props and when Father’s Day arrives, they’ll get to hide all of Dad’s cards.

99 Crafting web site has some great craft ideas. There are also lots of home made gift ideas on pinterest if you are game to have a search... but make sure you have plenty of time up your sleeve, time seems to disappear in the blink of an eye with pinterest.


Chicken with 40 Cloves of Garlic

"This is another french dish which I absolutely love and my son loves it too. There is so much garlic, but after being roasted it is all soft and sweet and just delicious. You can serve it with your favourite bread or with mash and veg to make a big meal out it.  It is a really simple meal to make and great for when you are having guests because you can just put it in the oven and not do anything else until it it is done."
 [read more]


Lamb Shanks, Garlic Scallops and Potatoes with Chives on the BBQ

A failsafe BBQ feast with a twist, a surf & turf recipe from Domestic Diva's husband. Not your usual mix of seafood and red meat... this is lamb and scallops! [read more]


Gluten-free bread - Dr Dengate’s UGF (Ultimate Gluten-Free) bread

Howard Dengate has recently updated his delicious bread recipe to now contain traditional and Thermomix methods.

RPA has recently approved quinoa. For years Howard has worked to get a loaf that is as good as wheat bread: crusty, delicious, doesn't crumble or stale, toasts well and is nutritious.  [read more]


Beans on Toast

Does dad like baked beans? Why not make a yummy failsafe version for breakfast on Father's Day? This recipe is from Real Failsafe Meals.
"This is so simple I could cry!!!!  I can't believe I've lived without this all this time,  just because I've always hated canned baked beans."  [read more]



The frillypantii will always give a big "Phwoarrrrr" when I say dinner is 'chicken-on-a-stick'.  Honestly!  It's ridiculous!  I could nicely dice the chicken,  I could present it in full breast pieces,  I could butterfly some breasts...  and still use all the same ingredients.  But add some bamboo sticks?  Yipeee!!!  Crazy, I tell you.
Here is a quick and novel way to quickly prepare chicken on a stick. Show this technique to dad, he is sure to be impressed. [read more]


French Toast

Who doesn't like French Toast for breakfast? Perfect way to be decadent when smothered in maple syrup. Here is Cooking for Oscar's delicious recipe. [read more]


Whiskey Cream Liqueur

Something perfect for Dad to finish off his special day, a glass of Whiskey Cream Liqueur. Pour into a decorative glass bottle to give as a gift. Serve straight or over ice, it is the perfect failsafe nip to have before bed, or any time really... [read more]


Pear and Cashew Friands

A Pinch of Smiles & A Dash of Happiness is a new Failsafe Facebook page sharing recipes.

Pear and Cashew Friands. DF, GF, SF and Failsafe  [read more]


Chicken Stew with Chives

A recipe from Evelyn's blog "The Right to be Alive". A deliciously simple chicken stew. [read more]


FedUp Newsletter

Newsletter 77 of the FedUp newsletter is now available, with a focus on feedback from readers including 22 eye-opening brief responses to the facebook question What has failsafe meant for you and your family? see the profound answer to Is failsafe eating cheap or expensive ? – you’ll never want to eat processed food again - and much more … as well as useful hints and recipes in Cooks Corner.   [read more]


Cooking Classes for Term 4 - October 2014

Kersten's Kitchen has Cooking Classes coming up in Sydney next term.

Failsafe to Healing, Failsafe Christmas using TMX, Grainfree baking for birthdays and celebrations using TMX,
Grainfree Christmas using TMX...

These will be gluten free, dairy free, egg free, nut free etc as my usual FS recipes are".  [read more]


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