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Christmas is only about 6 1/2 weeks away! Eeeek! Where has the year gone? Have you started planning your Failsafe Christmas yet? Our next edition will focus more on Christmas recipes, but this month we will be covering a few of those things you need to start planning earlier like advent calendars and Christmas parties that always kick off the festive season by the end of November. All the parties and events around Christmas can seem like a nightmare to even consider going to for families with intolerances and allergies. With a little planning ahead and having treats on hand and a few items baked and kept in the freezer ready, will help keep your stress levels down.

Also Included in this edition are some more yummy recipes from our contributors. Enjoy!


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Advent Calendar Ideas

All kids (and adults) love advent calendars. The fun and joy of taking turns each day to open or unravel a piece brings you one step closer to Christmas each day. A lot of the calendars you find in the shops are filled with chocolates and lollies that are full of colours, flavours and preservatives. As a FS family, it is wonderful to have alternatives. Check out the new board added to our pinterest page that has some great easy DIY Calendars you can make in time for the Christmas count down.  [Click here]


Christmas and food intolerance

Whether it is your first Failsafe Christmas or one of many, there are always little things that can get over looked for easily forgotten during this crazy season.

"Christmas can be the worst time of year for people with food intolerance - especially those who haven't yet realised they are affected by food.

Food reactions are related to the size of the dose, people eat bigger doses of high salicylate, amine and glutamate foods at Christmas time, and reactions can be delayed and cumulative. This is when people are likely to realise they need to take food seriously."  [read more]


Christmas Pasta Salad with Maple Syrup Vinaigrette

With the warmer weather upon us in the southern hemisphere, it's the perfect weather for salads. Here is a delicious pasta salad from Cooking for Oscar. Great to take to a BBQ or to serve on Christmas Day.  [read more]


Confectionery Shopping List

Are you at a loss remembering which sweets and lollies are actually Failsafe when shopping for your Christmas stockings or Advent Calendars? Here is the link to the Fedup.com.au confectionery shopping list that is regularly updated.  [Click here]

Allergy Train is another site you should check out. They have yummy Failsafe lollies you can order on line for Christmas. Be sure to get your order in early so you don't miss out. [Click here]


A Gingerbread House

Have you wanted to make a gingerbread house for Christmas? Here is a failsafe and gluten free version from Failsafe Foodie.

"Without the ginger... Which seemed to go down pretty well with everyone at Christmas as not many people in the family seem to like ginger.

I was completely unsure if this would work, gluten free baking can tend towards brittle and crumbly and there was a chance it would lack the structural integrity needed to hold its own weight. But it did work. It possibly needs a little tweaking as it was slightly dry, but it was pretty." [read more]


DIY FAILSAFE Coloured Icing 

When on the strict elimination diet, adding colour to baking and treats can seem impossible. There are ways to bring Failsafe colours into your Christmas party foods.

“I like to be prepared and experiment at the same time, so I have been doing some testing of failsafe colours you can make yourself, with a red cabbage.  I wanted to know what was possible, easily, with stuff you would probably have on hand immediately as a failsafer."  [read more]


Green Smoothie

This is a great easy failsafe green smoothie from Domestic Diva. Add a red and white straw and you have Christmas colours. This warmer weather is the perfect time to start drinking smoothies. This one can be adapted to suit the whole family by either mixing with water, lemonade or soda water. For a fun treat for parties, why not make some sherbet (recipe on the same link) and add to it to the smoothie for an extra fizz.  [read more]



Most kids love burgers, don't they? These ones from Real Meals have lots of hidden goodness in them that the kids won't even know are there. Now that's gotta make any mum happy! Serve with hot chips and you have your own little takeaway meal. Why not throw the picnic rug down on the lawn in the back yard for your own little family fun outdoor experience.   [recipe link]


Chicken and Quinoa Risotto

This lovely recipe is from Failsafe Foodie. "Risotto is really quite versatile and you can add almost anything to it. The quinoa was a last minute idea, it adds a bit of flavour and lots of goodness."  [read more]


Chicken and Cous Cous Salad

An easy all in one tasty Chicken and Cous Cous Salad from Domestic Diva that is cooked in the Thermomix using the Varoma. If you are not a Thermomix owner, this can still be made the traditional way.  [read more] 


Carob / Chocolate Yogo

A delicious treat that is dairy free, egg free and failsafe. Perfect for dessert or in school lunch boxes. Can be made with carob powder for failsafe or using cocoa powder for an amines challenge. [read more]


Magic Bean Carob Cake

This recipe from Real Failsafe Meals truly needs to be tried to be believed. With a secret ingredient that no one would suspect, it's delicious, and moist. A must try.

"If you don't have a Thermie,  then a food processor will happily do the job.  Just purée and mix in the order given."  [read more]


Failsafe Gardening

A new board has just been added to our Pinterest page to include Failsafe Gardening. I love gardening, but sadly I am not very good at it. I need all the help I can get and love to be able to refer back for some more ideas of what failsafe veggies are perfect to plant in my garden and more importantly, how not to kill them! Click on the link to find out more.  [Click here]


Garlic & Bean Flatbread

A new recipe from A Pinch of Smiles & A Dash of Happiness... "This bread can be used as a pizza base or it can be eaten with a dip or soup" [read more]


Children's Parties From Kersten's Kitchen

"Children's parties are an allergy and food intolerances' mum's nightmare... helicopter parenting as a necessity to keep our child safe amongst all the food. My children are used to bringing their lunch box to parties and it is now totally accepted and the other kids know that is how it is. They are fine with it. But every so often, I will see their face light up when they see something on the table... like the gorgeous birthday cake... and then watch them sigh... they know that is not for them. They will never get a taste. So I make a huge effort every year for each of them, to make sure they have loads of great party food that they can share with their friends... they can eat everything on the table and their friends can too. It is worth it to see the look of delight on their faces.   [read more]


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