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Wishing you all a Merry and Failsafe Christmas!

This month we bring you lots of fabulous failsafe Christmas recipes. The newsletter would be a mile long if we included them all, so make sure you check out our Christmas Pinterest board for even more inspiration. You will also find some tasty treats to make during the holidays.

May you all have an incredibly fun, stress free, prosperous, safe and exciting Christmas, New Year and holiday.

Blessings, Sandra, Rona, Trish & Frillypants. 


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These are a traditional European Christmas/winter biscuit that are usually full of spices and pepper. These are not. But they are still delicious. This recipe made a *LOT* of biscuits. They kept very well in an air tight container, but you could probably portion the dough and freeze. I used saffron when I made these as I thought there should really be at least one spice in it. Not sure if it really made any difference to the flavour, but it made me feel better about it. [read more]


Pear Mince Pies

These little pies are divine! A great Failsafe diet alternative for fruit mince pies at Christmas time. Leaving them plain on top or a different shape can make them perfect for any occasion. Lovely served at room temperature or heated up with ice cream, custard or Whiskey Cream Sauce for a decadent dessert. [read more]


The Christmas Menu

Some great helpful hints and tips from Cooking for Oscar in preparation for Christmas. Also included is a Christmas menu to give you some ideas on what to cook from snacks, treats, the main meal and desserts.... A lovely Carob Syrup cake, roast chicken with stuffing and much more...  [read more]


Bite-sized Meatloaves

The word meatloaf may not immediately conjur up Christmas images, but these easy little meatloaves on sticks, may great finger food for any Christmas party.  [read more]



Carob Truffles & White Chocolate Truffles

Rum balls have always been a traditional Christmas treat that I love. When we first started doing the Failsafe diet, finding a suitable variation for my son was a must so he wouldn’t miss out. This recipe has turned into my kids favourite Christmas treat, and guess what… it is something all 3 like! Yah! I think the added bonus is that I put a marshmallow in the centre. Click here for the Carob Truffles.

Two versions of white truffles, cute ones for the kids and vodka ones for the adults. If making them for adults only. Click here for the White Chocolate Truffles.


Snowy Christmas Cakes

These easy little festive cakes come with four options to decorate, and are great for getting the kids in the kitchen.  A last-minute life saver from Nurse Naomi. [Read more]


Fancy Potatoes

Doing the traditional Christmas roast dinner?  Why not try these simple baked potatoes and create something a bit fancy, just like Evelyn from Right to be Alive. [read more] 


Something More Casual

Its not all about the main Christmas dinner.  Christmas is the season of catching up with friends and family.  These recipes for Beef Salad and Quinoa, Cashew and Chickpea Salad are easy options for a casual meal.  


Christmas Coffee Biscuits

Need to take a plate to a Christmas party, or have lots of visitors dropping in?  These coffee biscuits from Lush Little Cooks are great as they are, but use some Christmas-themed cookie cutters to make them really festive.  [read more]


Christmas Chicken Roll

While I was deciding what to make I was thinking about all the different yummy foods that are usually eaten over the holidays and one of the things that came into my mind was those rolled pieces of pork that are stuffed with fruit and nuts and are sweet and moist with that naughty bit of crackling on the top. I have done a failsafe version of that. "How is that even possible?" you say. "Massive substitutions" I say; that and a bit of imagination.  [read more]


Gingerless Christmas Cookies

These cookies are made like your usual gingerbread, we just need to leave out the spices to be low chemical. GF, DF, EF and Failsafe. A great recipe from Kersten's Kitchen. [read more]


Dumplings & Popiahs

One of our regular contributors Evelyn, from Right to be Alive, lives in Malaysia.  Her recipes provide loads of inspiration for Asian meals.  This simple Christmas celebration is no exception.  [read more]


Christmas Shortbread

Being ‘FAILSAFE’ or additive-free doesn’t mean you have to forgo the celebrations, as Renee aptly shows in this post she submitted to Failsafe Decorated Cakes.  Not only are they FAILSAFE, they are easy to make and look fantastic as well.  This recipe is also dairy-free. [read more]


Need more Ideas?

Haven't found what you're looking for?  Why not head over to our Pinterest Christmas Board.  We have loads more recipes and ideas to inspire! Reindeer Tarts, Christmas tree dips, more Christmas salads, lots of different types of cookies, Ice Cream Bombe and Christmas cakes...


School Holiday Treats

If you have kids it doesn't end once the Christmas and New Year festivities are over.  How do you keep the kids (and their friends!) full, happy and health? The following recipes should give you some ideas. 

The first two recipes are from a Pinch of Smiles & A Dash of Happiness:  

Lentil Carob Brownie 

Breakfast Protein Smoothie (moderate salicylates and amines)


Have a Merry Christmas!  We hope it is a safe and Failsafe one.  We'll be back again in 2015; our next newsletter will be in February.

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